EBSQ Spotlight on Hand-pulled Traditional Printmaking: Elizabeth Lisy Figueroa

This month’s featured gallery is Hand-pulled Traditional Printmaking. No two prints are ever the same, even if pulled from the same plate. Each print, regardless of technique, is an entirely individual piece of art. It is this aspect combined with the variety of print-making techniques that have made printmaking a versatile and popular art process for thousands of years. Whether dry point, block print, collagraph or lithograph, creating hand pulled prints is often a labor intensive but unique and interesting way of creating art. Throughout August, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of our artists that work to create hand-pulled prints.

Elizabeth Lisy Figueroa

Popsicle in the Park - Elizabeth Lisy Figueroa
Popsicle in the Park - Elizabeth Lisy Figueroa

The first time I started doing printmaking was in 2004 at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I tried different types of printmaking such as Relief Printing, Intaglio Printing, Lithography, Engraving, Silkscreen and other types. What I found interesting about the printmaking method is that you could combine some of these techniques and end up with a wonderful work of art that could be reproduced several times on paper or other types of surfaces that can be printed on. My favorite printmaking method is the silkscreen (serigraph) technique because several layers of color can be layered over each other that produce a painterly quality. A couple of examples are the prints I posted on EBSQ titled “Flowers for the Sweet” and “Popsicle in the Park”. Each of these prints is layered with 9 to 10 colors of combined inks on watercolor paper and I produced 5 hand-pulled prints of each image. It was truly a challenge but I was happy with the end results. – Elizabeth Lisy Figueroa

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