Team EBSQ-Etsy Must Have Monday

Green, Green, Green Let’s hear it for SPRING!

This weeks selections are brought to you by Lisa Nelson, Dawn Thompson, and Windi Rosson.

Dancing Poppies by Lisa Nelson
Abstract Pod Bowl by Dawn Thompson
Hanging Dragonfly ACEO Print by Windi Rosson

Don’t forget to enter your green art in this month’s One Word Concept Show “Green” Unlike our traditional EBSQ exhibits which are very structured, the point of EBSQ “one word concepts” is to present you a word and leave it totally open to your interpretation. Take your word anywhere you like. Just make sure your finished work relates in some obvious way to this month’s word.

~Kris Jean Mod Team EBSQ-Etsy


Team EBSQ-Etsy Featured Friday Showcase: Butterflies

This month’s Team EBSQ-Etsy theme was Butterflies, and what a stunning display of Spring!

These Spring-a-rific works of art were brought to you by:  Christina A Kapono, Jaishi, Aimee Koester, Lindsay E Cheesewright, Laura Winzeler, Melia Dawn Newman, Windi Rosson, Emmarts, Kris Jean, Shawn Marie Hardy, Sherry Key, Renée Gandy, Torrie Smiley, Elis Cooke, and  Charlene Murray Zatloukal.

Next month: Mother Earth

Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ-Etsy

Team EBSQ-Etsy Must Have Monday

Ahh! – The crisp ocean air… The waves lapping at your feet… The hot sun warming you skin.

Please take a moment to breathe in these ocean inspired pieces by Aimee Koester, Beaded Heron, and Christina A Kapono.

Frida the Jellyfish by Aimee Koester
Starfish in the Sun by Beaded Heron
Sea Sediment by Christina A Kapono

Be sure to check out Team EBSQ-Etsy’s Showcase this  Friday featuring butterflies!! If you have not guaranteed your spot post your work today!

On a personal note: I wish to thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement through my family tragedy and tough times this past couple of weeks. EBSQ Rocks. 😀

Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ-Etsy

Team EBSQ-Etsy Featured Friday: Carmen Trueheart

This weeks Featured Friday store is home to the art of Carmen Trueheart

Mandala Pendant in Fine Silver by Carmen Trueheart

Carmen creates one of a kind fine silver adornments. She uses a special clay that is fused with fine silver powder. It is then baked in a kiln leaving her with pure fine silver creations. This allows her to be very creative with textures and shapes, and brings a true uniqueness to each piece.

In her own words: ” I have chosen Precious Metal Clay to experiment with new designs. I have found that the trial and error changes working with PMC to be very challenging!

And too, there is always something to learn, a skill to perfect, and a result to the process that creates a memory.

I can create an expression out of a thing, or series of things. This pleases me, and hopefully pleases others too.”

You can see more of her work on EBSQ or her Etsy store.

Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ-Etsy

Team EBSQ-Etsy Featured Friday: Aimee Marie Wheaton

This week’s Featured Friday store is home to the art of Aimee Marie Wheaton.

Aimee’s art is based in mixed media. Her work is riddled with happiness and positivity. This is done with either a positive message actually incorporated in to the piece or with a bright and colorful palette. Her background as a graphic designer is embedded in the dynamic compositions, while the visual artist in her supplies the dreamy nature her artwork showcases.

Her EBSQ bio describes herself as “…A whimsical and colorful artist who combines traditional aspects of art with several different mediums such as watercolors, pencils, collages, wax, ink, paints, paper, buttons, and whatever else strikes her fancy.”

~Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ-Etsy

As a side note keep an eye out for lots of butterfly art this month. The wings are fluttering, and the art is starting to fly in!