EBSQ Spotlight on Fibre Art: Lisa Monica Nelson

This month’s featured gallery is Fibre Art. The fibre arts involve creating art with fibre. It sounds neat and simple, but the fibre arts are so varied that it is like saying that there are fish in the sea; it’s hardly an adequate description. Fibre art includes spinning and weaving. Also quilting and collage. It encompasses sculpture and apparel and felting and more. Fibre art is any piece of art made with fibre and it’s application is almost endless.

Lisa Monica Nelson

Tuxedo Cat Art Quilt - Lisa Monica Nelson
Tuxedo Cat Art Quilt - Lisa Monica Nelson

Traditionally, I’m a painter, but I’ve always enjoyed painting fabric and enhancing with embroidery.  During the 70s, I painted a heck of a lot of denim jackets and jeans in high school for my peers and actually embroidered an entire pair of jeans for a boyfriend at the time.  What I would do to have them back today (the jeans, not the boyfriend).  A few years ago, I learned about this thing called “Art Quilts” – It was an epiphany to learn there was a real name and an art category for what I was doing!  Basically, I love to paint on unbleached muslin and take it from there with sewing, vintage buttons and perhaps a hand-dyed textile or two. There’s something about using fabric and stitches that adds another dimension to creating.  I love texture and color, so the use of textiles in my art is very natural.  I’m learning more about fibre art everyday thanks to the many blogs out there and the very generous quilters who share their vast fountain of knowledge.  I’ve also explored art dolls using fabric, dyes and paints and I must warn you, it’s very addicting.  Recently, I purchased a sewing machine which means you’ll be seeing more of my fibre art in the near future! – Lisa Monica Nelson

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Dyeing to know?

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Yarni Girl by Lori Rase Hall
Yarni Girl by Lori Rase Hall

Kool Aid isn’t just a kids drink, it’s a BIG kids best friend if they are into dyeing wool yarn! Check out the fun fruity smelling bright colored yarn dyeing tips from me on September 8th EBSQ LIVE. You will see the simple step by step instructions that you can even do with your kids. Everything is non-toxic. If you don’t want to dye yarn…you can always dye your hair! (No, I’m not kidding you can!) Let’s here it for Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade hair—See you on the 8th!

About the presenter:

Lori Rase Hall’s beautiful and highly stylized watercolours have been exhibited in galleries throughout California & the Western US. Her work is also in the permanent collection in the E.B. Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA. Her work can be described as intricate, vibrant, balanced, some times abstract, and always clever. In addition to watercolours, Lori creates using any media, tool or item that sparks her imagination to create fun, interesting, sometimes practical art. Lori has a fine arts degree in Painting, Drawing and Design. She and her husband, artist Kiplan Hall, reside in northern Californina.

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