EBSQ Spotlight on Portraits & Figurative Art: Sandy Farley

This month’s featured gallery is Portraits & Figurative Art. Portraits are the artistic representation of an individual or individuals with the face as the focus. The term “figurative art” most frequently refers to the representational depiction of a human or animal figure. Often they are deeply personal – either to the artist, because of the emotions being expressed by the subject or because of the emotions these works elicit from us. They delight, disturb and connect us. During the month of May, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of the EBSQ artists that create some of these evocative pieces of art.

Sandy Farley

Hee-Haw - Sandy Farley

Animals have very rich social and emotional lives.  Their capacity for empathy, their delight in play: these are the very things that we first seek out in them when we wish to bond with or understand them.  I often take my artwork to middle ground between animal and human — a place where characteristics of both are blended, and perhaps a bit of humor is added to sweeten the mix.  My human and animal portraits share these traits. – Sandy Farley

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