EBSQ Spotlight on Abstract: Geometric – Deidre Kennedy

This month’s featured gallery is Abstract: Geometric. It’s geometry as art – angles and geometric shapes used to convey feeling and mood. Assembled in a manner that often appears random but have been deliberately placed by the artist with purpose. It is a form of communication that may escape some, but to others, speaks volumes. Throughout the month of September, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of our artists that create abstract art with geometric shapes.

Deidre Kennedy

Spectrum - Deidre Kennedy
Spectrum - Deidre Kennedy

Representational work provides the artist with “preset” spatial relationships. I am drawn to the abstract, as it requires me to create the space within the work. My geometrical abstract paintings contemplate space using flat shapes, color, and marks. They force me to constantly observe and consider what is happening within the piece. Using flat shapes is a further challenge as it eliminates devices, such as foreshortening. I create the worlds on my canvases, but I allow them to grow as they see fit. That is why I often refer to my canvases as “petri dishes”. Geometry is as alive as any flower!

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