Team EBSQ: Must Have Monday

Spring a rebirth from the frigid. A new begining. We crave it. Wait for it…. patiently. Wating for the first sign of green poking from the depths of the stone cold season of Winter.

Springtime by Christi Lynn Schwartzkopf


Spring ACEO by Patience
Spring ACEO by Patience


Spiritual Repose by Deanne Flouton
Spiritual Repose by Deanne Flouton


EBSQ has more Spring Art in it’s galleries for your viewing pleasure. Even more Spring Art by EBSQ artists can be found on Artfire, Etsy, eBay, Redbubble, and Zazzle. To see more from these unique featured EBSQ artists please visit their portfolios:  Christi Lynn Schwartzkopf , Patience,  and Deanne Flouton.

Next week: Happy

~Kris Jean

Mod, Team EBSQ


EBSQ Spotlight on Digital Art: Deanne Flouton

This month’s featured gallery is Digital Art. Digital Art is not defined by one genre or style but rather the means used to create it. With the advance of digital tools and software, anything is possible. Like any medium, Digital Art requires the talent, patience, skill, and creativity of the artist to come alive. Digital Art is limited only by the imagination (and skill) of the artist. This month we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of EBSQ’s Digital artists.

Deanne Flouton

Sail Away - Deanne Flouton

First of all, I love digital art because it allows me to take my art in myriad directions, based on what constantly emerges as I work. Digital art has allowed me to see the world through my own rose colored glasses. I enjoy the fact that I can do detailed editing by adjusting hundreds of different parameters that affect the look and feel of the digital paint tool and the final result.

I was always frustrated with the desire to be able to paint well, but was never happy with the results. Then traditional (analog) photography satisfied my artistic curiosity for many years, until digital photography came along. A digital camera opened up a whole new world for me in conjunction with Photoshop. But somehow that did not seem enough. I wanted more, to be able to create more than what Photoshop or other paint programs offered. A review of Studio Artist sparked my interest and I immediately began working with an early version of this very sophisticated software whose learning curve (huge!!) frustrated me even more. However, I persisted and over the years have tweaked my art to suit my needs and visual aesthetic. The software is constantly evolving and I continue to learn but have not yet mastered all the technical aspects that I would like to due to the complexity of the software.

My work may be rendered as realistic or abstracted output, often times having no direct relationship to the content of the original source image. It is creativity ‘on the fly’ at times, and can result in a happy accident or a meticulously planned outcome. Its possibilities are endless, which makes it so exciting to work with. Guided by the image and imagination it is the magic of the transformation that inspires me at every step. Many versions of the same source image can be rendered, making it difficult to settle on one or more ‘best’ versions as keepers.

What I find compelling about this form is that Digital Art differs from Traditional Art, but because of technology and sophisticated digital brushes, Traditional Art can be emulated through brushes and other software tools which apply oil, acrylic, pastel or pencil “paint strokes” to the digital canvas. These are tools just as a brush, palette knife or pencil is to a traditional artist. It is the skill and vision of the artist that makes the art.

To sum it up my digital art is the creation of an image which reflects my vision through an organized and/or spontaneous process which evolves at its own pace. It is my personal interpretation realized through modification, and/or enhancement of a photograph. My original photographs are used as a point of departure for creation, taking creativity to the next level as an extension of the original photo. It is what keeps me going and on an even keel. – Deanne Flouton

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