This week, we’re going to party like it’s 2002!

"Tom Had to Act Qucky" by EBSQ Artist Nancy Denommee
"Tom Had to Act Qucky" by EBSQ Artist Nancy Denommee

If you’ve been around EBSQ for a while, you may know that Cyber Monday typically equals our Annual Half-Price Permanent Account Sale. We’d like to think that’s a pretty sweet deal (pay once and you’re done for this kind of professional portfolio space is pretty unheard of). But we know, in this sour economy, and most especially after Black Friday when everyone and their mother is competing for what’s left in your wallet, that a permanent account isn’t always doable. Heck, for some of you, our regular membership dues almost don’t feel doable. 2011 has flat out been a Very. Hard. Year.

What we propose is something rather radical. We keep offering you the same great service as always,but at the rates that were available a decade ago.That’s right: for 4-days only, we’re rolling back EBSQ memberships to 2002 prices!

And the awesome thing is *everyone* is eligible for this special deal, including current EBSQ members who might be paying higher rates. We welcome you to take this opportunity to roll into our lowest grandfathered rate as our holiday gift to you, and as thanks for sticking with EBSQ.

We have gift memberships for as little as $66 (talk about a green gift!)

As always on Cyber Monday, we’re also offering our permanent accounts (normally $699) for just $349 –payment plan options available!

So consider giving the gift of art this holiday season; either for a worthy artist on your list, or for yourself. Watching the nightly news has become very depressing. We think the world needs more art. And artists.

Happy Holidays,

Amie Gillingham on behalf of Team EBSQ

PS Click here to start saving! But remember, the sale ends on 1 December 2011!