EBSQ Friday Five

Zombie Pumpkin by Jordana Hawen

1. Art Seen: This Zombie Pumpkin by Jordana Hawen is soooo creepy cute! He’s on the front page now. Go have a look!

2. Inspiration: EBSQ’s Sherry Key shared a link to Danish artist, Lise Meijer, blog post on how to get unstuck. Her #1 one way is the same as mine: ‘move the body.’ Going for a walk or anything that takes me out of the studio and gets the blood flowing is my best fix for any problem I’m having a with a painting.

3. Artist Guide: Muddy Colors has an excellent post by Greg Ruth titled, The Art and the Artist. The article is a guide for how we present ourselves as creators in this digital age–our online and offline presence and actions.

4. Learning Resources: Tip #116 from Cathy Johnson – Studio in a Backback. This is a must read if you’re planning a holiday and want to bring along some art supplies or if you’re on a mission to capture that hidden watercolor off the beaten trail.

5. In the News: If you’re lucky enough to earn a living from your art, you’re probably white. The thing about racial diversity among working artists in America is that it pretty much doesn’t exist.


EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

Aubrey by Catherine Darling

1. UWS Spring Show Entry – I LOVE Catherine Darling’s new watercolor painting for the Utah Watercolor Society Spring Show. Good luck, Cathy!

2. Figuring out just exactly what *do* I want from art – Carmen Medlin discusses her battle to be true to herself and her art.

3. Giggle Dogs Contest – KiniArt is having a contest! Find the Giggle Dogs and win a prize!

4. 7000 Bracelets for Hope – Vickie Miller is participating in the a project to help children who suffer from rare diseases. You can too, check out her blog for details.

5. March Giveaway – Tina Robertson is giving away a wonderful budget book, designed by her. See her blog for details.


Have a wonderful weekend folks, and please take a moment to think of those affected by the quake and tsunami in Japan.