EBSQ 1:1 – What contemporary artist would you like to meet?

Leola Walker

I would love to meet Jakub Julian Ziolkowksi. He’s very young. Young enough not to be afraid to make a statement. His art is bold and daring and very excessive. I find him very refreshing.

Ship in a Bottle by Leola Walker

Diana Mae Potts

Cecily Brown, the featured artist in the February, 2013 edition of “Vogue” magazine comes to mind as a contemporary artist I would like to meet. Although my subject matter is rarely the human form, her powerful and insightful freedom of expression making people accessible and familiar inspires me and resonates with the goals in my own art. She seems very focused and busy so I would leave any meeting on her terms.

Fairy Goddess by Diana Mae Potts

Studio 524

We’d love to meet Annie Preece. Her work is big, loud, colorful, full of energy and packed with punch. It speaks loudly in quiet rooms. That she’s one of the few women who are recognized and respected in the urban art arena – yeah. That doesn’t hurt either.

Art Collage Necklace by Studio 524

Mark Satchwill

I’d like to meet the French artists Pierre and Gilles, whose beautiful images (a mixture of photography and painting) have been a big influence on my work, to talk about their methods and influences. And because they are rather handsome!

Amelia by Mark Satchwill