Team EBSQ: Must Have Monday

Lush rainforest carpet, shaded wilderness, on a patio  in a pleasant hanging basket. What else? Ferns!

View from a fern by Gabriele M
View from a fern by Gabriele M
Rainbow Droplets on a Forest Floor by Christina A Kapono
Rainbow Droplets on a Forest Floor by Christina A Kapono

You can see more ferns in the upcoming  EBSQ Ferns exibit, or  searching ferns   in the art galleries. Please take a moment to explore art from our featured artists Gabriele M and Christina A Kapono.

Next week:  Mushrooms


EBSQ Spotlight on Seasonal Art: Be My Valentine – Christina A. Kapono

This month’s featured gallery is Seasonal Art: Be My Valentine.  St. Valentine’s Day is February 14th. It’s popularity means that February has become the season of everything love – hearts, flowers, candy and things done up in pink and red. Throughout the month of February, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of the EBSQ artists that celebrate this holiday by creating art.

Christina A. Kapono

Valentine Romantic Blank Book Journal - Christina A. Kapono

I love creating sentimental little works that will hold memories of the day it was received. It will be loved not simply for its own beauty, but for the spirit in which it was given… Love. How beautiful is that!? – Christina A. Kapono

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