Simon Sez… CHICKENS!

This week’s Simon is Heather Sims and she says “CHICKENS”. Why is Heather yelling about chickens? She says it’s because…

“Well you know my thoughts have been on chickies lately..  We are raising chicks right now and look forward to building the coop and one day having our own fresh egg. So… SHOW ME SOME CHICKENS – roosters, chicks, maybe even some chicken’s EGGS! Lets’ see em!  To start off, here’s our new baby chicks… 2 chicks on a log.”

2 Chicks on a Log - Heather Sims
2 Chicks on a Log - Heather Sims

All Simon Sez challenges are open to everyone. To enter Simon Sez… CHICKENS! and to see  the all the entries,  simply go to the EBSQ Forum, find Member Groups, Challenges & General Art Discussions and then go to Challenge Central. All the challenges past and present – including Simon Sez, can be found there.

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