Team EBSQ March Showcase: Blue Birds

Who doesn’t love blue birds? Any “blue” bird for that matter never fails to catch the eye.

Nature Buddies by Aimee Marie Wheaton Mosaic Blue Bird by Theodora Demetriades

Spring Blue Bird by Patricia Christsen High Winds by Sherry Key Silvery Blue by Julie Behm

Rainy Day Owl by Julie Behm Blue Bird of Happiness by Nancy Denominee Perched up High by Sarah John Afana

Resplendent Blue by Amanda Makepeace Blue Bird and Cone Flowers by Patricia Christensen Blue Bird of Happiness by Sherry Key

Blue Jay by Barbara Haviland Blue Heron by Dia Spriggs Blue Hummingbird by Julie Behm

Featured above are: Aimee Marie Wheaton, Theodora Demetriades, Patricia Christensen, Sherry Key, Julie Behm, Nancy Denomee, Sarah John Afana, Amanda Makepeace, Barbara Haviland, and Dia Spriggs.

Next month’s theme: Frogs

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