EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

Dusk by Cynthia k. Agathocleous

1. Dusk – Have you checked out Cindy Agathocleous’ blog lately? She’s been working on a new series of paintings. Dusk is my favorite so far.

2. New Art Contest – Victoria at Painter’s Showcase will be hosting an upcoming art contest!

3. Keeping it Simple – Kimberly VanLandingham shares some sound advice for every artist–don’t forget to stop and enjoy life. We can get so caught up in creating, creating, creating that we forget to enjoy the beauty all around us.

4. Happy Birthday to Us – A post in which my cat and I share a birthday (and also a special coupon code to save 35% off on my art). There’s also going to be a huge giveaway later today!

5. Blogging for Artists Part 1 – Why it’s Important Hint, hint.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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Art: Three Muses by DeAnna Gladys Conn
Art: Three Muses by DeAnna Gladys Conn

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EBSQ Live Studio – Social Media for Artists

This demonstration was originally presented by Amanda Makpeace on 17 May 2010.

Good evening everyone. Thank you so much for attending Social Media, the Artist and Marketing. I’m going to start things off by defining the term social media. Most often when we hear the word social media the first sites that come to mind are Facebook and Twitter, but social media is any site that allows you to share information and interact with other people via the internet. Sharing and interacting—these are the two main aspects. Yes Facebook and Twitter apply, but so too do Blogs, YouTube, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Flickr, Digg and many more.

One of the best things you can do is explore social media sites. Chances are not all of them will work for you, nor do you have the time to utilize each and every one. The following link is a listing of the top 25 social media sites, along with marketing tips for each.

Top 25 Social Media Sites

When I began using social media sites several years ago I tried dozens of different platforms, but now I only use a handful. Here are my tops sites for interaction:



My Blog




Here are some of my recent experiences on Twitter:

Example 1: I love sci-fi/horror movies and books. I began reading Stephen King when I was 13 years old. This isn’t just something I’m interested in, it’s something I know. I follow many aspiring writers and published authors on twitter, and in turn quite a few follow me and they’ve also made purchases from my Etsy shop.

Example 2: Many of you know about my One Pebble Project? Well just last week bestselling author, Kat Richardson (who I follow and she follows me) caught wind of my tweet and went crazy sharing it with all of her friends. We bantered back and forth for a good 15 minutes. Okay yes, this was a lot of fun especially since she is one of my favorite authors, but it also spread my name and ultimately my art to the 1,117 people who follow her tweets.

Example 3: I entered a contest on a blog a few weeks ago and the blogger clicked on my profile to see who I was, and ultimately ended up at my Etsy shop. Within a matter of days she commissioned a painting!

Maybe I’m lucky, but I don’t think so. I think if you want to generate sales from social media marketing you have to interact with people and build relationships.

I’ve seen direct sales from Twitter, so I put most of my time and energy into using my tweets as a marketing tool. Twitter may not be that site for you. Maybe instead Facebook is where you generate the most interest or even YouTube. The key is to find which one works and put your energy into it, instead of spreading yourself to thin.

Here are some good and not so good practices. You can use these rules of thumb, in some form or another, on any social media site.

Good Practices

Give to Get – Successful social media marketing programs involve listening and participation. That participation centers around giving value before expecting anything in return.

Putting in the Time – Yes, social media marketing can be time-consuming, but if you choose the best times to participate you can plan and use your time wisely. There are also tools you can use so you aren’t spending all day on the computer.

You want to facilitate sales, not attempt to make sales directly. – This is probably the most important practice of all. People following you naturally become acquainted with what you do, and as you participate in the conversations and build interconnected followers sales can and do happen.

Think outside your product. – If you have interests outside your own art, and most of us do, share them! 1. You will gain new followers/friends who will then discover your art and 2. It makes you a “real” person who is interesting and not one-sided. Also, seek out people with those interests and follow them!

Bad Practices

Being fake, in any way. – This is self-explanatory. Nobody likes a fake.

Not listening.- If you aren’t listening you may miss opportunities to incorporate your product into a conversation, etc.

Being oblivious to formal & unwritten social rules – It’s good to do a certain amount of lurking to see what is socially accepted for a particular social media site.

Being pushy or overtly sales-y in messaging – If all you do is post links to your product people will ignore you.

Cautionary Practices

Be careful sharing your political and religious views. – Unless they pertain directly to your arts theme/subject. We’ve all seen the discussions that can turn ugly, this would be disastrous to your online image.

Be careful expressing anger or upset over an event/person. – This can work for you or against you. Last year I witnessed author, Alice Hoffman have a complete meltdown on twitter over a bad review. The backlash at her behavior forced her to leave Twitter, but not before her account was suspended.

Tools of the Trade for Twitter and Facebook

Twitterfeed – This site allows you to take any RSS feed and share it on Facebook and Twitter. I use it to share the images I “Stumble” but I could also use it to share new items I list on Etsy too.

Feedburner – You can also use Feedburner to share your latest blog posts on twitter, which means less time you spend on twitter! I like Feedburner for my blog because it has more customizable options.

TweetDeck – The newest version of TweetDeck allows you to simultaneously post to both Twitter and Facebook or separately. TweetDeck works on Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as iPhone and iPad and an Android application in the works.

TweetDeck also allows you to schedule tweets. This comes in handy if you have a busy day ahead of you but don’t want to leave your followers in silence.

Also, artist Lori Mcnee has an excellent article on her blog, Lori Mcnee: Fine Art and Tips, about branding yourself as an artist.

Lastly, I want to say just a few things about blogging. You don’t hear much about blogs as a social media tool, but they do fall into this category. Blog posts can be shared across a myriad of social networking sites with the click of a button. But guess what, nobody is reading your blog because of your art. If you want to know why, this recent post on Gapingvoid.com explains it in an easy to understand way.

And I am going to leave it there. I hope you find the information in this presentation useful. – Amanda Makepeace

EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Rebecca Salcedo

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week never fails to bring a smile with her whimsical and lighthearted paintings. If you love dogs and a little humor you won’t want to miss this incredible artist.

Who and where are you?

My name is Rebecca Salcedo, I am an artist and do-gooder, who longs to hold hands with someone funny when I am old and wear depends.  My motto: Never EVER give up!

I am a painter, illustrator, and trompe l’oeil muralist, with slightly quirky sensibilities that seem to surface in my work (and personality).  I also paint a lot of animals, including very unique custom pet portraits.  I am mostly from Seattle.  I majored in French and Fine Art and studied in France as well.  I live in Atlanta now with my incredible BF and 2 spoiled dogs.

Hang On! Flying Ace in Training

How did you get started art blogging?

I wanted to write more often and figured a blog would force accountability and give me a consistent venue for practicing and showing my artwork while I’m telling a story.  2 years ago I was just beginning to discover social networking and promotion for my art business, so I figured a blog was a step in a positive direction. (Still discovering by the way; this stuff doesn’t happen overnight!)

Poppy's Adventures

Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

I teach a blogging class to artists in my community and these are the top 3 tips I give them for blogging:

1) Be yourself. (or some made up persona. your choice.)  I used to be afraid to admit to the world (the 3 who are actually reading) that I have faults, ticks, issues!  Worried to say anything too personal, or admit how vulnerable I am.  I’ve thrown that out the window.  People want to relate to you, and if you show them that you are a genuine person who has those feelings and habits, too, that common ground may get you some readership!  Besides, it’s not like we would believe you’re perfect anyway!

2)   I tell them, “If you don’t know what to write, just post a picture of your most recent painting and then write a short description of how you came to paint it.”

Completely made up just now example:

I was recently in Morocco with my husband and there were these goats in the trees. Vinny said, “the boys at the shop are never gonna believe this one!”  I almost peed my pants!  After I wiped my eyes, and the fog from my glasses, I saw past the climbing goats to the most beautiful sunset over the desert landscape, and snapped a picture to paint later (and I might put the goats in it.)

You don’t have to have a funny quirky style, just write about what you did, and you’ll see the words will start to flow and you’ll get better!

3)  Try to post a 2-3 times per week. The most important part of blogging is just showing up! If you want people to read your blog, you actually have to write!

I enjoy sharing tips, techniques and art history!  Look back and visit my 31 days of rhinos, a journey into the history of art! I’ve got 16 different rhinos posted so far with more to come! (showing more vulnerability — haven’t finished that project yet!)

Otis at the Gelateria

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio? And do you have any rituals associated with your creative time?

Rituals, oh yes! The first thing I do in the morning is write in my journal. I write about 2500 words a day, which is about 3 very large pages, plus I write ridiculously small (unless I just really want to get those pages done, then it’s large double spaced with lots of punctuation and smiley faces!)  I love Dave Mathews Band first thing in the morning!  Don’t ask me why it works, but when I come in and sit down with my coffee, I can put on DMB and gush with writing inspiration.  Then I start painting, and I’m all over musically!  Queen is one of my all time favorite bands to paint to, as well as Cockteau Twins, Pink Floyd and lots of jazz.  After years of thinking my “younger metal head friend” was nuts, I tried painting to heavy metal, and I really got my groove on!  Jimmy Buffet=happy painting.

Red Hat Dog

What’s coming next from your easel?

Finishing a mixed media painting with horses. THEN, a gigantic self-portrait!  I am doing a 3 woman show at the Defoors Center in Atlanta opening November 11th! Lots of room for large scale, which will be a challenge since most of my work is very small.


Thank you Rebecca for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

1. My Water Birds – Self-taught artist Andrea is a new addition to the EBSQ community. Please join me in welcoming her and check out her wonderful art to help support gulf wildlife affected by the BP Oil Disaster.

Water Birds

2. Lessons from Oxford – Lori Leven delves into her art and her soul, you don’t want to miss this. Read it and read it slowly.

3. Designing a Print Basket – Attempt No. 1 – Ever need a print basket to take with you to arts and craft shows? Well, Jennifer Lommers can show you how to make your own!

4. Feeling Cheated – Those of you living in the Northwest will be able to relate to jewelry artist, Vickie Miller’s frustrations.

5. ArtCandy.tv Permanence in Effect – Natasha Wescoat has a new blog and invites you to pull of a chair and get comfy!

Have a great weekend!

EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

1. Painting in Progress. . . – Abstract artist, Filomena de Andrade Booth, shares with her blog readers how she does it!

2. Happy Birthday to Me! – Jane Glenholmes is celebrating the one year anniversary of both her blog and her Etsy shop! Stop by her blog for the party and a chance to win in a fun giveaway.

3. ‘Buoy Dance’ gets into IAPS 16th Annual Show – Congratulations are also in order for pastel artist Brenda Boylan! The International Association of Pastel Societies will be showing her pastel painting at the Butler Museum, in Youngstown Ohio. Congrats!!

4. Painting by Personal Guidelines – Laura Barbosa explains her decision to not accept custom orders. It’s something every artist has to deal with–when clients want to be the artist.

5. New Dragons, Mermaids and more – Check out these wonderful new artworks from fantasy artist Emily White!

Do you have something you think is newsworthy? Send me a message @amandamakepeace on Twitter! As always, have a great weekend!

EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Stephanie D’Aigle

I have the pleasure of introducing to you this week an EBSQ artist whose stunning creations can’t be duplicated with a pencil or a brush. She is an amazing jewelry artist and a sculptor of unique beads. Who am I talking about? The Beaded Heron, of course!

Who and where are you?

My name is Stephanie and I live in the Wisconsin north woods, near the south shore of the Great Lake Superior.


How did you get started art blogging?

I first started blogging on April 1, 2003 as something to do just for fun.  I’ve always enjoyed nature photography so my blog was a place I could post my photographs and blab about what was on my mind, what I was up to, and pictures of places I’d go.  An art blog was not my original intention, but it ended up happening that way.    I think blogging just for fun was fuel for the fire that started me on my path to become a serious beadaholic.  It definitely helped me become aware of it all, since I was writing and posting about it as it was happening.   Having a blog to show my beadwork also helped me become a better photographer.   I had to learn how to represent my work and show it as best I could and I’m still working on that and I think I always will be!  I’ve always had an interest in nature photography and have a whole section of my blog devoted to photos where I post often, sometimes daily.  I spend a lot more time updating that section than I do my main bead section.


Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

I have a lot of different sections on my blog and they all generate hits. Things that I like a lot, I make a section.   I check my stats to see where the traffic comes from and it comes from all of my subjects, or sections if you will.   Update your blog regularly.  When I don’t update, it shows right away in my stats.  Also, Use Stumble Upon, it’s a great tool.   I use Goodblogs as well, and get regular traffic from there.

Photography is a great tool to generate hits.   As example, I live in an area that is a tourist Mecca.  I have loads of photographs that people may come across while searching information for their vacations.  Many of them end up visiting my blog because of a few well placed key words in my posts.    Use key words that will be picked up by crawlers but don’t use the same words excessively, doing that will backfire.  It will cause the crawlers to filter your site out as it appears like spam to them so be creative in your descriptions. .  A high page ranking is nice but getting to the number 1 on Google search is much more important, or at least on the first page.  I’ve done a few wip’s on my blog as well and they get regular traffic.

Poodles on Parade

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

I bead to the blues.  I love BB King’s Bluesville and Blues Women Radio as well as my local college public radio station and I have it piped into my shop.

Sunshine in the Jungle

What’s coming next from your bead studio?

I want to start making my poodles again and I’m sure to do that soon.  I have other ideas floating around in my head but when it comes down to it, I’ve found I cannot dictate to the muse.   I may go out to my shop with one plan, but what ends up happening may be something else all together.   Basically, this is the time of year I do a lot of bead weaving and have less time at the torch.  When the weather gets warmer it takes less wood to heat the shop so I can get out there more often and I’ll make beads to go with jewelry parts that I’ve been in the process of making, such as my beaded spirals.  Once I’ve done that, it’s anyone’s guess.  There is so much I want to try with glass I wonder if I will get to it all in my lifetime!


Thank you Stephanie for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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