An Artist’s Blog: WordPress or Blogger

WordPress or BloggerLast week we ran a poll to find out which blogging platform was most popular among visual artists. It’s no surprise the winner was Blogger. Blogger (sometimes referred to as Blogspot) is more user-friendly and offers more bells and whistles when compared to the competition, WordPress is however, still a close second, especially when you combine votes for the free and self-hosted versions. It’s also known for being the more professional of the two. So, which is it to be? If you’re an artist without a blog, thinking about starting one, how do you choose between the big two? I think ultimately it comes down to personal taste and for artists this often involves the look and feel of something. I’ve always preferred the professional, uncluttered look of WordPress. But the design capabilities inherent in Blogger does make it appealing. Here’s a short breakdown of features, pro’s and con’s, which I hope will help you in making that final decision. (WordPress, as seen below, refers to the free blogging platform at

The New Blogger

Blogger – Easy to set up, with easy links for picking a theme and making that first post.

WordPress – Easy to set up–long pause–then the learning begins. But once you get going there’s nothing to it.


Blogger – Doesn’t have a lot of choices, but does have a great Template Designer and the ability to edit the HTML of your blog. The possibilities are endless, but if you’re not very tech/code savy you could also really muck up your blog.

WordPress – Has 100’s of professional templates ready to use with the click of your mouse. Customization is limited, but most allow for a custom header image.

Image Editing

Blogger – Limited. Images can be uploaded one at a time but you must know HTML to add captions, descriptions, and links.

WordPress – Multiple uploads, gallery creation, easy to add titles, descriptions, captions, links, etc.


Blogger – Loads of ready to use gadgets available. You can also add your own code, like that provided by Etsy for their Etsy Mini.

WordPress – Zero. Nada. You won’t be able to add an Etsy mini or anything that uses Javascript unless it’s part of the WordPress widgets already available.

Blogging on the Go

Blogger – Not worth the time. I think Blogger (Google) has something in the works, but for now if you want to post on the go it’s down to text messaging and emailing your posts. Bleh.

WordPress – Has Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, making it easy to post, reply to comments, check your blog stats, and even edit pages or create a new page.

Mobile Site

Blogger – If it has a mobile site for easy viewing on my phone I couldn’t find it.

WordPress – Automatically detects if a visitor is using their phone or tablet and displays the mobile version for easy reading.


Questions? Feel free to ask them here in the comments. Next week, the EBSQ Blogger of the Week returns with a painter of whimsy and magic!