Building Your Team: Connecting With The Right People

by Natasha Wescoat

Alot of the time, we talk about finding our target audience, about finding the perfect agent/business manager, or maybe getting those galleries/shops to hold our art. So when we do in fact get a nibble on that line – we’re all going bananas. You start to think everything is going to turn around and success is about to happen.

In the creative business, however, things change, people are fickle, offers pan out or they don’t.

Such is life. Such is the business of the arts.

Whether you are an actor, writer, painter, designer – all of these opportunties can come and go, fleeing with trends, staff changes, or money issues. You can become burnt out, frustrated, confused, disorganized. You may be doing all the work on your own besides creating the art. You do the photography, the design, the web maintenance, accounting, customer service, marketing and promotion, etc.

On your own it will be tough. On  your own you can only go so far . . .

What we have to do is to focus more on the core foundation within our business and career. We usually think money and opportunities first, when we should be thinking : TEAM.

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