EBSQ 1:1 with Windi Rosson on The Painted Bra Project

Who and where are you?

Windi Rosson, Owner/Artist of Winjimir Studio in Ga.

How did you find out about the Painted Bra Project and what made you want to participate?

I first found out about the Painted Bra Art Project last year, when fellow EBSQ artist Tracey Allyn Greene (Tag’s Cats) participated. But I had missed all the dead lines and vowed to submit work to it this year.

I wanted to do it, because there are many people in my life that have been affected by various forms of cancer, this was my way of being able to help out. Even if it is just a little bit, it’s all for a common goal and good cause…plus I got to figure out how paint on a bra.

Tell us a little about the bras you painted. Was there anything special you had to do to prepare them?

My “Moundnet” bra was treated with a few layers of fabric paste. Since I am an impressionist painter with a fondness of texture it was important that I be able to create that on the bra. The pink hues in the sky and the texture made me think of Monet, hence the name.

The “snowflake” bra was spray painted a few times until I figured out how to get the depth of color I wanted for the background and the snowflakes were created using a stencil from some left over scraps from a card making class I took, which coincidentally is taught by a cancer survivor.

I understand your bras were accepted into a juried online auction, how does that work for folks who’d like to bid?

At first the call was to submit BRA’sterpieces and 100 would be chosen for the auction. This year due to overwhelming response they ended up with about 200 BRA’sterpieces included in the auction. The online auction is held at ThePaintedBraProject.com and anyone can register to bid on items.

There are many other items besides bras available at the auction so please have a look. All of the proceeds will be donated.

Here’s a link to my items: Windi Rosson Painted Bra Project

I have also donated an ArtSkrap™ Pendant and Earring set to the auction.

For those interested in participating maybe next year you can follow the Facebook page, or sign up for the email list on the website.

I would also like to ask that everyone reading this pass on the links to the auction, via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, email,….the more eyes this event gets in front of the better outcome for a great cause.

Thank you Windi and best of luck in the auction!

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EBSQ Veteran James Pearson on tour with Amy Grant

I Remember You by EBSQ Artist James Pearson
I Remember You by EBSQ Artist James Pearson

Ok, not James personally. But his art is!

From James:

“I Remember You”
24×36″ acrylic on canvas
Retail 2000.00
Auction Price ?

When I was first approached for this project, I admit I didn’t know Amy was still active as a recording and touring artist. My lasting impression of her career is from 20 years ago. That’s when my wife and I married in Nashville and began our life together.

In conversation and research, I found Amy’s life and my own to orbit Nashville. It’s our creative home, muse and spiritual wellspring. So much of what is good in my life would never have come to be if not for this city. The challenge was how best to convey this feeling of parallel growth in the context of my work while relating to the song’s title and meaning.

Abstract painting is, by it’s very nature, sometimes difficult for audiences to relate to. My own personal views of working on a new painting are that it’s a solo improvisation for an audience of one. I begin with a theme and begin deconstructing that in the same way a musician rearranges notes of a melody to form new phrases and variations. In Amy’s case, the larger theme of Nashvile dictated two dates above all others: 1967 and 2000.

In my painting, two central figures are connected. The left if Amy with a date of 1967 – the year she first moved to Nashville. She is reborn that year. Her life is upside down. The right figure is Vince Gill, who she married in 2000. Throughout the painting are glimpses of moments from their lives, felt more than seen. The fields of color always suggest time for me, like a view from a car of the passing countryside. Colors are largely assigned to Amy and Vince. His is darker, providing a contrasting foundation while hers suggests spring and new growth. Texture and sweeping arcs are paths taken.

Admittedly, the central image is an iconic one for me personally. In a series of paintings by Marc Chagall, he celebrates his undying love for his wife, Isabella. Chagall continued painting images of his wife long after she passed away. I named my youngest daughter Isabella and have painted us and now Amy and Vince in a similar pose to suggest the timelessness of true love.

I will remember you, always. My life is richer for having spent it here, with you by my side.

James Pearson