EBSQ Facebook Artist of the Week: Natalia Pierandrei

Who and where are you?

My name is Natalia Pierandrei and I am a self-taught art and comic book illustrator living in Rome, Italy. For the past few years I have worked as freelance and I have had the privilege of having my illustrations featured in several publications worldwide.
My work is influenced by Japanese manga, Renaissance painting, Art Nouveau and European graphic novels. My working technique includes mainly markers, pencils and watercolours on paper with a painting style that often mix all these techniques together.

How were you introduced to Facebook?

I discovered Facebook through a friend in 2008 and started using a personal account only. In those days I preferred using different communication channels and finally I disabled this personal profile. In 2010 another friend kept suggesting me I should re-join Facebook, and though I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea, I signed on again. I have been using Facebook for personal communications more than for business for over a year but to promote my art the more I can, I finally created my page few months ago.

Any tips for other artists starting a Facebook Page?

Use previously existing communications channels like Twitter, your blog, your Etsy shop or your Facebook profile (put a link to the fan page in one of your status updates) to promote your new page. Post photos of your work in progress – your fans will appreciate it for sure – hold contests over on your page to involve all your followers in your art projects. Your Facebook page might be a great opportunity to market your business, but it’s earned media, so keep in mind that it’s a community too. Give your Fans a reason to want to come back 🙂

What’s your favorite Facebook Page feature?

I created my Facebook page just few months ago and I have not used any Facebook features for promoting my page yet. We’ll see… any suggestions?

What’s coming next from your studio?

I am working on a graphic novel and some illustrated book projects plus illustrations for magazines and collective art-books. 2012 will be a busy year! 🙂




RIP EBSQ Artist Ruth J Jamieson

Ruth J Jamieson
Ruth J Jamieson

We just learned that longtime EBSQ Artist Ruth J Jamieson has passed away. From her husband David:

Ruth Jamieson won her battle with life and passed from this world on February 4th 2012. Rest in Peace my love.

If you’d like to leave condolences for her family, you can post them directly on her public Facebook page.

Our hearts and prayers are with Ruth’s family and friends. And we thank her for the beauty she shared with the world in the all-too-brief time she was with us.

Art á la carte: Melanie Douthit

I started painting in 1983 and fell in love with the process.

Lousinanna Crawfish Gumbo $350.00
Lousinanna Crawfish Gumbo $350.00

My heritage combined with Louisiana influence creates an “Algonquin Anishinaabe Louisiana” flair to my work

Custom Mardi-Paws Painting $150.00
Custom Mardi-Paws Painting $150.00

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy work by a southern artist (that’s me!).

Mardi Gras on Royal $60.00
Mardi Gras on Royal $60.00

You can learn more about Melanie Douthit on her EBSQ Bio. Melanie is also available for commissions.

To see more of her art please visit her EBSQ portfolio, or visit one of her online venues:

If you would like to be featured in future Art á la carte please contact Kris Jean.

Brought to you by Team EBSQ

Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ

Art á la carte: Carolyn Schiffhouer

To me, Digital Art is the wave of the future, much as Photography was the wave of the future in the 20th century.

Pittsburgh Skyline $30.00 Print
Pittsburgh Skyline $30.00 Print


Although I have had a long interest in the arts, I came to the digital world later in life when I discovered a graphics program in my computer!

Flowers A Color $30.00 Print
Flowers A Color $30.00 Print


Digital art is a challenge to manipulate the technologies to do what you want them to do, but that is what makes it my passion.

Topaz Lily $30.00 Print
Topaz Lily $30.00 Print


You can learn more about Carolyn Schiffhouer and her art on her EBSQ bio.

To view more of her art, check out her EBSQ portfolio, or one of her online selling venues:

If you would like to be featured in future Art á la carte please contact Kris Jean.

Brought to you by Team EBSQ

Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ

Art á la carte: Amanda Makepeace

I cannot take a walk without picking up a pebble, a leaf, a feather or some other small bit of Nature.

Nest of Stone by Amanda Makepeace $35.00

I cannot go for a drive without seeing a painting unfold before my eyes.

Curiosity by Amanda Makepeace $50.00
Curiosity by Amanda Makepeace $50.00
 I paint because every inch of my soul demands it from me. Without my art, life would be nothing but shades of gray.
Red Pebble Necklace by Amanda Makepeace $8.50
Red Pebble Necklace by Amanda Makepeace $8.50


You can learn more about Amanda Makepeace on her EBSQ Bio.

To see more of her art please visit her EBSQ portfolio, or visit one of her many online venues:


If you would like to be featured in future Art á la carte please contact Kris Jean.

Brought to you by Team EBSQ

Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ

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Time by Christine E Striemer
Time by EBSQ Artist Christine E Striemer

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An Evening with Artist Pat Burns

Under ordinary circumstances artists of online communities rarely meet up beyond the computer monitor, but there are always exceptions. When I learned that EBSQ’s Pat Burns would be a mere twenty miles from my home, for a gallery event, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Last Thursday my daughter and I headed out to another small town in the south, for an evening of fine art, wine (for me), and snacks.

Artist - Pat Burns

The evening event took place at Magnolia Gallery, just outside Greensboro, GA. They specialize in southern art of all mediums and genres, but with a strong emphasis on Nature and Still Life. Pat’s paintings, especially her paintings on stone were a perfect match for this beautiful setting. If you’ve never seen one these paintings on slate outside of a photograph, you really are missing out.

Survival by Pat Burns
Even my photographs don't do them justice!

As Pat took us on a tour of the gallery she shared with me the process involved when painting on slabs of slate. Two things you cannot tell from a photograph:

  1. The colors on these paintings are incredibly rich and the varnish gives them the slightest glow.
  2. The texture you think you see from the painting is actually straight from the shape and ripples in the stone.

Pat encourages people to feel the paintings, to run their fingers over the surface. Only then do you realize what you are really seeing. My daughter and I were enthralled and soon other visitors began to flock around Pat to listen to her talk about the stones.

Stone Paintings by Pat Burns

We were lucky enough to also have a look at beginnings of her next painting on shale. Can you believe that stone was not cut to the shape you see? Pat makes no changes to the original stone. Inspiration hits her when she “sees” something in the folds and textures. Wow!

Thank you, Pat for making our evening a delight. My daughter enjoyed listening to your talk as much as I, and for once she was allowed to touch a piece of art. I hope we are able to meet up again in the future!

You can view more of Pat’s art on her website, patburnsart.com and in her EBSQ Portfolio.