Expanding Your Art Expertise: 4 Ways To Use Your Talents

In my latest blog, I’ve discussed the importance of expanding your art beyond the work itself. Not only for your own personal evolution as an artist, but in a financial aspect. Everything has it’s seasons and sometimes business slows down for work. I notice for myself, the typical seasonal slow downs are holidays, back to school and summer time. Everyone is off on vacation, away from home or busy dealing with the juggling of school plays or sports practice.

For some artists, taking a break is great. For the rest of us, we need to find other ways to make money. And while our goal is to create other automatic streams of income by art licensing, we should consider our potential in working on creative projects that aren’t entirely related to our fine art.

For example, doing projects in design, mural art, teaching an art class to kids or adults and even helping put on events for other artists is an example of things we could do outside our typical work.

KEY is to find ways to make money when the art isn’t selling or sales slow down.

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