EBSQ Friday Five

Dogwood Prince by Gretchen Del Rio

1. Dogwood Prince – I love this new painting for May by Gretchen Del Rio. Have the dogwoods bloomed where you live?

2. Creating a Fantasy Storybook Illustration – Wonderful post from Ursula Tessa Brozovich- Kerger on creating a Fantasy illustration.

3. Mother’s Day Studio Tour – The 15th Annual Camano Island Studio Tour begins May 10th. EBSQ Glass Bead Artist Vicki Miller will have works shown in the Seagrass Gallery. See her blog for more details.

4. Kickstarter vs. IndieGoGo – Tiffany Toland-Scott shares her experience with the two big crowdfunding sites.

5. Varnish and Finish Coats – Georgia Papadakis has an informative post on her blog about varnish, finish coats and their effect on a painting’s overall color.


EBSQ Friday Five

Stumpy Runs Away by Vicky Knowles
Stumpy Runs Away by Vicky Knowles

1. Stumpy Runs Away – “He glides through the air with the greatest of ease, that daring tree stump on the flying trapeze…”

2. How I chose my favorite art mediums – Carmen Medlin has a wonderful post on her blog about her introduction to colored pencils and watercolors.

3. Blog Planner Worksheet – Ever have trouble decided on what to write for your blog? Stacey Zimmerman invites you to take some inspiration from her custom planner.

4. Published in Somerset Studios – Congratulations to Michele Lynch for being published in the May/June issue of Somerset Studios!

5. Engage your Facebook Art Fans – The EmptyEasel has a great tip post on keeping your Facebook Fans coming back for more. Check it out!

EBSQ Friday Five

At the Sunset Hour by Karen Winters

1. At the Sunset Hour – Karen Winters captures perfectly the magic of a southwestern sunset in her latest painting.

2. Art and Artifice – Georgia Papadakis asks the big questions in her latest blog post: What drives an artist to make a given work of art?

3. MOTM: The Other Side of the Shadow – Maureen Frank’s April Mandala is available to download for free. This month she asks you to explore your full self, even the Shadow we like to hide from the world.

4. April Print Giveaway – Yours truly is once again giveaway a free art print. Stop by my blog for details. Deadline is Sunday night!

5. How to handle tough criticism – Criticism can be an invaluable tool for growing as an artist, but it’s not always easy to accept when said criticism may be more harsh than we expect. EmptyEasel.com has some great advice for taking it in but not taking it personally.

EBSQ Friday Five

No River Like Craving by Angie Reed Garner
No River Like Craving by Angie Reed Garner

1. No River like a Craving – Head over to Angie Reed Garner’s blog for a larger of view of this immense painting and step into the river.

2. The making of Esplanade Beauty – Melanie Douthit walks us through her painting process. It’s always interesting to see how an artists approaches a painting.

3. My Art and thoughts on Norman Rockwell – Erika Nelson recently had the pleasure of viewing  large Rockwell exhibit. I think anytime we see an artist’s work for the first time in a gallery setting, as opposed to through the media, we are changed.

4.6 Tips for Creating Artist Business Cards – Some excellent advice from the folks at EmptyEasel.com.

5. Are you an EBSQ Artist with a newsworthy blog post? Let me know: amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com

EBSQ Friday Five

Winetrwood by Mark Satchwill

1. Winterwood – EBSQ Artist Mark Satchwill, may be best known for his portraits, but he proves he can paint anything with this wonderful winter landscape.

2. EBSQ January Exhibits – Today is the first day to vote in January’s online exhibits. We have two shows: FOTM – Mixed Bouquet and Norse Mythology.

3. Getting Ready for the Circus Show – Claudia Roulier shares how the background of her paintings evolve.

4. How to Choose the Best Social Media Outlet – Don’t have time for multiple social networking sites? All you really need to do is pick the right one for you and your art. This article from EmptyEasel.com shares some great tips!

5. Stay Connected with EBSQ – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Forum

EBSQ Friday Five

Ready to Rock by Marcia Baldwin

1. Ready to Rock – Marcia Baldwin’s latest painting reminds me how important music is to my own art. Do you rock out while you paint? Check her blog for purchase details.

2. Cleaning my Studio and Hanging it in Record Time – And it was all caught on camera. Check out this great video from Claudia Roulier!

3. 11 Tips for Creating, Promoting, and Holding a Twitter Chat About your Art – If you’re an artist and you’re on Twitter this is the article for you. Need I say more?

4. EBSQ Winter Sale – Membership to EBSQ is still on sale. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to show your, participate in online exhibits and connect with other artists.

5. I’m always on the look-out for newsworthy blog posts. If you have one let me know: amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com

EBSQ Friday Five

Stop and Smell the Daisies by Carol DeMumbrum

1. Stop and Smell the Daisies – Carol DeMumbrum is participating in a challenge to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. The delightful golden retriever above is the first.

2. MOTD: When all Else Fails – Maureen Frank’s free mandala for January can be downloaded from her blog. This month’s is not about failure, but endings becoming beginnings.

3. 2013 EBSQ Exhibit Calendar – I’ve written a blog post about the exhibits I plan to enter this year. Have you too made a plan?

4. How I Combine Colors in an Abstract Tree – Miriam Schulman discusses her process in the latest post to her blog.

5. 6 Powerful New Years Art Resolutions – If you’ve been avoiding commitment to a diet or maybe cleaning out the garage, maybe you need to focus on this Art Resolutions from EmptyEasel.com. 😉

Happy New Year!