EBSQ Friday Five

Abstract Flowers by Ulrike Martin

1. Vibrant colors and wet petals after a rain is what comes to mind when I look at Ulrike Martin’s latest watercolor painting, Abstract Flowers. It’s a beautiful time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere.

2. There are only a few more days left to enter our June Exhibits. Have you entered? Check them out: Flower of the Month: Ferns and Plein Air: Found Reflections.

3. I Hate Marketing – Sound familiar? I’m sure I may have used that phrase once or twice. Jon Schindehette talks marketing, some simple tricks and lessons learned.

4. Tutorial: Watercolor Tricks with Copic Various Ink & Multiliners

5. What Do Artists Do All Day – Frank Quitely: Scottish comic book artist.


EBSQ Friday Five

Little Chick by Delilah Smith

1. Delilah Smith’s painting, Little Chick, reminds me of my mother’s childhood stories of receiving a chick for Easter each year. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, chicks and lambs always remind me of this time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere at least!).

2. James Gurney shares his homemade light diffuser for plein-air painting. If you’re looking to make your own take a look at his blog post.

3. Chasing the Hotness via The ArtOrder is an excellent article on the tendency to join every free portfolio site the web has to offer and why it’s more important to focus your efforts on just one. There’s also a great follow up article on the obsession with Likes and going viral, both of which don’t necessarily equate to success or selling your art.

4. 6 Tips for Creating and Running a Successful Artist Newsletter via EmptyEasel.com

5. Submitting and sizing your art for childrens picture books–another great video from Will Terry.


EBSQ Friday Five

Still Life with Hardanger by Sandra Willard
Still Life with Hardanger by Sandra Willard

1. Still Life with Hardanger -Sandra Willard and her extraordinary talent have amazed me again.

2. Lowe Mill Art Studios and Grumpy Cat – The talented artists of this large studio in Alabama, including EBSQ’s very own Tracey Allyn Greene, have been featured in The Huffington Post! Congrats, Tracey!

3. Controversies: eBay and Adobe – Tiffany Toland-Scott shares some very important information concerning this two giants. This is a must read for anyone who uses eBay to sell their art and for all Photoshop users.

4. MOTM: Simplify – Maureen Frank’s mandala for May is all about simplifying our lives. Stop by her blog to download this month’s mandala for free.

5. Fostering Friendly Familiarity – EmptyEasel.com has a superb article on how to market your art by building a relationship with your viewers, not just seeing them as buyers.


EBSQ Friday Five


1. Pear with Silver Creamer – I could sit and admire Sandra Willard’s scratch board art for hours. Can you believe this is scratchboard?!

2. Take a Positive Punch with your Art – Delilah Smith talks about creativity and inspiration on her blog, and how to keep them fresh.

3. Twitter Updates Art Collectors will Want to Read – This is a must read article from EmptyEasel.com for any artist trying to promote and sell through Twitter.

4. 15 Ways the Arts & Culture Community is Aiding Sandy Relief – From auctions to benefit shows the art community is reaching out to help those affected by hurricane Sandy.

5. Are you an EBSQ artist donating funds through art sales to help with relief efforts? Email me at amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.

Expanding Your Art Expertise: 4 Ways To Use Your Talents

In my latest blog, I’ve discussed the importance of expanding your art beyond the work itself. Not only for your own personal evolution as an artist, but in a financial aspect. Everything has it’s seasons and sometimes business slows down for work. I notice for myself, the typical seasonal slow downs are holidays, back to school and summer time. Everyone is off on vacation, away from home or busy dealing with the juggling of school plays or sports practice.

For some artists, taking a break is great. For the rest of us, we need to find other ways to make money. And while our goal is to create other automatic streams of income by art licensing, we should consider our potential in working on creative projects that aren’t entirely related to our fine art.

For example, doing projects in design, mural art, teaching an art class to kids or adults and even helping put on events for other artists is an example of things we could do outside our typical work.

KEY is to find ways to make money when the art isn’t selling or sales slow down.

5 Ways To Use Your Talents:  Continue reading “Expanding Your Art Expertise: 4 Ways To Use Your Talents”

EBSQ Friday Five


1. The Cheshire Cat – Patience’s September entry in the Nibblefest Art Contest is fabulous! Check her blog for an added dimension.

2. Art Appreciation 101 – Alma Lee explores her identity as an artist and we appreciate (or don’t) art today. Five Star blog post.

3. How to paint a tote – I love when artists share how to’s. This week Maria Soto Robbins shares how to paint a tote!

4. Midnight Reading Promotion – Did you know you can offer limited time promotions on Fine Art America?

5. Make a Video on your iPad (Sell more Art) – Delilah Smith expands art marketing reach with videos via her iPad!

5 How-tos for Artists

If you take a gander at the Learn section of EBSQ, you’ll find several years worth of how-to articles on specific art-related projects like Cigar Box Purses and Felt Making. But did you know we also have how-to articles that address the business of art as well? Here are five of our most popular how-to articles:

How to Write an Artist  Statement

An artist’s statement is a short document written by the artist which provides a window into the artist’s world. It offers insight into a single piece or an entire body of work and by describing the artist’s creative process, philosophy, vision, and passion. It enlightens and engages while at the same time giving the audience – potential buyers, exhibition curators, critics, fellow artists, or casual browsers – the freedom to draw their own conclusions. An artist’s statement reads easily, is informative, and adds to the understanding of the artist. (read more)

Image is Everything:  How to Photograph your Art

Probably the single most important thing you can do to sell your artwork is to post good photos on your auction listing. Many of the photos I see on eBay have glare from flashbulbs, focus problems or poor color. The method that has worked best for me, whether taking digital photos or film photos is to shoot artwork outdoors. You will find that outdoor light is the best, even on slightly overcast days, and you won’t risk a flash glare on your work. (read more)

The Importance of Online Presentation

The importance of pictures shown in your auction is vital puzzle in the outcome of the sale.

Most people like to feel like they are actually holding that piece of art. They want to see the texture, the size, the edges; they want to be able to investigate the piece like it was in their hands. This refers to the art on stretchers, but close up details still apply to cloth canvas artworks too, of course. (read more)

The Lighter Side of Pricing your Art

There are so many facets to consider about when creating a work of art, because this category and subject can get very detailed and is quite broad based on each individual and style of medium. Whether you sculpt, paint, sketch, weld, to the many mediums and styles of painting, colors, textures media etc., you can spend more time in trying to determine what the final masterpiece will be priced at that what it took to create it.  (read more)

Artist Business Cards

 A professional business card can be a useful marketing tool for artists, and well worth the investment if you are trying to get your name out there. So, do you have a business card? If not, then it’s time to get on the ball and do something about it. (read more)

What other business topics would YOU like to see us address in the future?

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