EBSQ Friday Five

Dragon by Kathleen Ralph

1. Day Off Art – Kathleen Ralph is a busy mother, artist, and student these days, but even on her day off she’s creating! I love this dragon done in Copic markers.

2. Analog to Digital – Artist Alma Lee is a wizard when it comes to taking one of her artworks, plugging it into her computer and transforming it into something amazing and new. Check it out!

3. March MOTM: Relax – Maureen Frank must be reading my mind, because relax is all I want to do in March. Check out this month’s free to download Mandala of the Month!

4. Two Art House Projects – From my own blog I share two new projects I’m going to be working on this Spring.

5. Your Blog Post Could go Here!! – Blogging isn’t always fun, but it can be a great way to connect with your buyers. Are you blogging at least once a month?

Have a wonderful weekend!