We have a winner!

Click here to open the PrintRunner homepage in a new browserLast week, we hosted a postcard giveaway, sponsored by PrintRunner. We randomly drew an entry number and our winner is: Theodora Demetriades!

Congratulations, Theodora. Let us know how your postcards turn out!

Let me add my thanks to each and every one of you who contributed fantastic ideas on how to use your postcards. We’ll be putting together a best-of list next week.

Stay tuned for more great giveways in the future!



January EBSQ Art Show Winners Announced

You voted, and the results are in!¬† Between the 3 exhibits, we had 220 entries. Here are the Member’s Choice award winners for each:

From Winter:

Winter Spirits by EBSQ Artist Kerry Lynn Nelson
Winter Spirits by EBSQ Artist Kerry Lynn Nelson

From Flower of the Month: Conifers:

Gnarly Juniper, Grand Canyon, Arizona by EBSQ Artist Kevin Wells
Gnarly Juniper, Grand Canyon, Arizona by EBSQ Artist Kevin Wells

From Black & White Animals (TIE):

Chime Cat Visits Cloud City by EBSQ Artist Took Gallagher
Chime Cat Visits Cloud City by EBSQ Artist Took Gallagher
Siamese Cat by EBSQ Artist Pauline Gallagher
Siamese Cat by EBSQ Artist Pauline Gallagher

As a side note, I believe our two Black & White Animals Members’ Choice winners are unrelated ūüėČ

Congratulations to all of our exhibit winners and participants!

January 2010 Show Winners Announced

foodporn: Photographing Food as Art

Online Art Exhibit:  foodporn: Photographing Food as Art


Art: Metamorphosis, or the Transformaton of Flesh & Bones into Simple Sugars V by Artist Shawn Marie Hardy  
Member’s Choice “Metamorphosis, or the Transformaton of Flesh & Bones into Simple Sugars V”

Shawn Marie Hardy


Member's Mention

Member’s Mention “Donuts”

Heather Sims


Patron's Choice

Patron’s Choice “Kiwi Belly button”

Rebecca M Ronesi


Patron's Choice

Patron’s Choice “Metamorphosis, or the Transformaton of Flesh & Bones into Simple Sugars IV”

Shawn Marie Hardy



Barnyard Animals

Online Art Exhibit:  Barnyard Animals


Art: Grass Breath by Artist Debbie Grayson Lincoln  

Member’s Choice “Grass Breath”

Debbie Grayson Lincoln


Member's Mention

Member’s Mention “Corrine by Moonlight”



Member's Mention

Member’s Mention “Rooster III”

Torrie Smiley


Patron's Choice

Patron’s Choice “Sheep 1”

Jean R Donohoe



One-Word Concept: Grey

Online Art Exhibit:  One-Word Concept: Grey


Art: Natalia Vodianova by Artist Elyse B. Gray  
Member’s Choice “Natalia Vodianova”

Elyse B. Gray


Member's Mention

Member’s Mention “B&W Torso #7”

Kris Jean


EBSQ Juried Artists announced for Spring 2009

We just completed our spring portfolio review for EJA.  EBSQ is therefore pleased to announce the newest members of EBSQ Juried artists:

Our applicants were juried blindly (ie, the jurors did not know whose work they were reviewing) based on the following criteria:

  • quality of the art¬†presented
  • professional presentation of the work presented (this includes both jpeg quality as well as the quality of the supporting artist statement included with each piece)
  • evidence of a cohesive, mature body of work based on the 5 pieces submitted per artist.


Out of 27 applicants, 15 artists received a 2/3 majority or greater admittance vote from our pool of 15 volunteer peer jurors. It’s not an easy process for either the peer jurors or the applicants, so our thanks and congratulations go out to every single individual who participated in the process.

The next opportunity to apply is October 2009.

-Amie Gillingham

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November EBSQ Art Show Winners


On the Trail: Campaign Art

Campaign Art


Obama by Artist Kari Tirrell 

Member’s Choice: “Obama” by Kari Tirrell


Flower of the Month: Allium



purple puffer by Artist Lisa Thornton Whittaker 
Member’s Choice: Purple Puffer by Lisa Thornton Whittaker




8th Annual Portrait Swap

  8th Annual Portrait Swap


Frankie by Artist Kari Tirrell 
Member’s Choice: Frankie by Kari Tirrell


See all of this month’s winners at EBSQ


Also, don’t forget the following shows are now available for entry:


The 6th Annual Better Late than Never Show

Deck the Halls: The Ornament Show

Flower of the Month: Fruit Botanical Style


Plus the 2009 EBSQ Exhibition Schedule has been announced. Check it out!

2009 EBSQ Exhibition Schedule Announced

Here’s the post you’ve all be waiting for. And yes, Joe, thanks to your lobbying campaign, Zombie Chickens is on the schedule.

EBSQ’s 2009 Exhibit Schedule

(Synopses and hyperlinks to each show coming in January 2009)


  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Self-Portrait Show
  • One-Word Concept: Economy
  • Flower of the Month: State Flowers


  • The Figure in 3-D
  • Encircled: Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings
  • One-Word Concept: Hidden
  • Flower of the Month: Snow Drops


  • Steampunk
  • Squid (& Other Deep Sea Monsters)
  • One-Word Concept: Motion
  • Flower of the Month: Cyclamen


  • Robots
  • The EBSQ Junk Mail Show
  • One-Word Concept: Balance
  • Flower of the Month: Muscari


  • Reinterpreting Children’s Art
  • Bridges
  • One-Word Concept: Scintilating
  • Flower of the Month: Fennel


  • Macro Bug Photography
  • Tattoos: Designs for and Depictions of
  • One-Word Concept: Malice
  • Flower of the Month: Foxglove


  • 9th Annual Ripped Off
  • Parades
  • One-Word Concept: Liberty
  • Flower of the Month: Nasturtium


  • 8th Annual Pet Portrait Swap
  • In the Bag: Artist-Made Purses & Bags
  • One-Word Concept: Wanderlust
  • Flower of the Month: Weeds


  • Rodents
  • Design the next EBSQ T-shirt!
  • One-Word Concept: Deconstructed
  • Flower of the Month: Butterfly Bush


  • Think Pink: A Fundraiser to Benefit Susan G Komen
  • Zombie Chickens
  • One-Word Concept: Decay
  • Flower of the Month: Squash & Gourds (both flowers & fruit eligible)


  • 9th Annual Portrait Swap
  • Two-Tones Only
  • One-Word Concept: Bored
  • Flower of the Month: Bark


  • Annual Better Late Than Never Show
  • The Art of the Art Journal
  • One-Word Concept: Ancient
  • Flower of the Month: Eucalyptus

You’ll find this schedule in the sidebar at the top of the main EBSQ Shows page.¬†Go forth and art!