Team EBSQ: Must Have Monday

Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification. Earrings are an art form as much as a form of adornment. We hope you enjoy these artistic earrings from Team EBSQ!

Pearls of Pink Dangle Earrings by Carmen Trueheart
Pearls of Pink Dangle Earrings by Carmen Trueheart
Copper Dangle Earrings by Aimee Koester
Copper Dangle Earrings by Aimee Koester

Check out more artist made earrings from our EBSQ galleries.  Please take a moment to explore art from our featured artists Aimee Koester and Carmen Trueheart.

Next week: Cherries


EBSQ Spotlight on Artist Made Jewelry: Aimee Koester

This month’s featured gallery is Artist Made Jewelry. Handcrafted jewelry is not only an expression of the artist who created it but of the one who wears it.  Whether created in silver or gold; plain or sparkling with gems and stones, artist made jewelry is a coming together of personalities that is unique. Throughout the remainder of March, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of EBSQ’s Jewelry artists.

Aimee Koester

Ties That Bind Copper Cuff - Aimee Koester
I don’t know about you, but I’m a different person everyday. Jewelry gives me the opportunity to showcase the facets of my personality. Even when I’m creating I’m able to use that to my advantage. The artist sculpts in metal, the rebel works in copper, the princess with stones, and the child lives in fantasy. And the best part…. There’s nothing beyond the scope of jewelry. – Aimee Koester

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