EBSQ Friday Five


1. Winter Sun – Gretchen Del Rio’s Arctic Hair seemed like an appropriate way to start off November. Let’s hope the winter to come is as serene as her watercolors.

2. MOTM: Practice – November’s free Mandala of the Month, via Maureen Frank, is a reminder that practice is an important key to success in new endeavors.

3. Day 306 – Have you ever lost one of your mittens? Don’t fear! Took Gallagher shares her solution in her 365-Project.

4. Strange Little Girls November Events – Jo Hards shares when and where you can buy her Gothic dolls this month.

5. Pinterest Webinar Coming – Natasha Wescoat has an announcement in the EBSQ Forums about a new webinar. She’s seeking your questions. Check it out!

Have a great weekend!


EBSQ Friday Five

1. Lifesong – Sara Burrier’s latest painting, Lifesong, illustrates her personal journey. Check out the post for the full version of the painting and the symbolism she has worked into this beautiful work of art.

2. April MOTM: Hell0 – April’s mandala from artist Maureen Frank is about opening ourselves to new ideas and perspectives. I love her description; which includes a bit about Sherlock Holmes! Maureen’s Mandala’s are free to download and color.

3. Robert Lange Studios Group Show – Pastel artist Kari Tirrell shares her two paintings for this upcoming exhibition in Charleston.

4. A Return to PFATT Marketplace – Lisa Nelson will be returning to the PFATT marketplace to sell her wonderful paintings, dolls and more. Check her blog for details.

5. Day 96 – Took Gallagher is still pushing forward in 2012 with her 365 Project. Don’t miss her latest plaster creation, a work-in-progress.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!