This week, we’re going to party like it’s 2002!

"Tom Had to Act Qucky" by EBSQ Artist Nancy Denommee
"Tom Had to Act Qucky" by EBSQ Artist Nancy Denommee

If you’ve been around EBSQ for a while, you may know that Cyber Monday typically equals our Annual Half-Price Permanent Account Sale. We’d like to think that’s a pretty sweet deal (pay once and you’re done for this kind of professional portfolio space is pretty unheard of). But we know, in this sour economy, and most especially after Black Friday when everyone and their mother is competing for what’s left in your wallet, that a permanent account isn’t always doable. Heck, for some of you, our regular membership dues almost don’t feel doable. 2011 has flat out been a Very. Hard. Year.

What we propose is something rather radical. We keep offering you the same great service as always,but at the rates that were available a decade ago.That’s right: for 4-days only, we’re rolling back EBSQ memberships to 2002 prices!

And the awesome thing is *everyone* is eligible for this special deal, including current EBSQ members who might be paying higher rates. We welcome you to take this opportunity to roll into our lowest grandfathered rate as our holiday gift to you, and as thanks for sticking with EBSQ.

We have gift memberships for as little as $66 (talk about a green gift!)

As always on Cyber Monday, we’re also offering our permanent accounts (normally $699) for just $349 –payment plan options available!

So consider giving the gift of art this holiday season; either for a worthy artist on your list, or for yourself. Watching the nightly news has become very depressing. We think the world needs more art. And artists.

Happy Holidays,

Amie Gillingham on behalf of Team EBSQ

PS Click here to start saving! But remember, the sale ends on 1 December 2011!


Some updates (of the good variety)

Hello Again by EBSQ Artist Thomas C Fedro
Hello Again by EBSQ Artist Thomas C Fedro

We were so busy getting the site back online and everything working properly after our equipment failure and downtime, we totally forgot to tell you (at least via blog post) that, hey guys, we’re back! It’s been a crazy, but good week. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is seeing the sheer quantity of awesome art that was created while we were down.

Some items of note:

Are you an EBSQ artist that has images missing (showing up as broken jpgs) in your portfolio? If so, please get in touch. We’re still trying to match up image files with their proper owners, and your member id would be of great assistance in getting your portfolio restored to its former glory.

In case you missed previous messages about this, due to the downtime, September’s online art exhibits deadlines were extended through the 15th. That date is coming upon us quickly, so if you still have something on your easel, it’s time to get out your hair dryer and your camera!

Art of the Day via email is back! We’re pleased to have moved our newsletters to MailChimp’s awesome care. Now it’s easier than ever to share, forward, or (God forbid) unsubscribe. Let us know what you think of the slightly tweaked look!

Update on EBSQ Downtime

I am pleased to announce that the data recovery effort is complete! We’re now working to put everything back together again and making sure everything more or less works, then getting our new server (currently in our office) to our new LOCAL data center.  We anticipate being back online by 9 October 2011 if all goes to plan. I want to thank everyone for their patience during this arduous process. We cannot wait to be back online and seeing what you all were up to creatively during the downtime.

Oh–one more note of interest: EBSQ email is now back online, so I’ve personally been trying to sort through 11 days of mail for the 4 different email addresses I help to manage.  We’ll get responses to those of you who wrote as soon as we can.

Huge cheers!


Some updates for the week

We’re nearing the end of the data recovery process and hope to be back online within the next 48 hours.   We’ll update if/when that ETA changes.

In the interim, many of you have last month’s exhibits as well as October’s on the brain. Here’s what’s happening with these.

If you missed seeing the notice on our temporary homepage or our Facebook feed,  all September exhibits have been extended through mid-October.

Shows on tap for October are:

Think Pink, our annual Susan G Komen fundraiser. All entries must have a significant amount of pink the the composition. There’s a $10 entry fee per piece, payable to SGK. We’ll get the details on how to pay your entry fee soon.

Our annual Pet Portrait Swap is happening this month. Looking for a partner? Let us know in the comments to this post, or leave a note on our Facebook wall.

This month’s Flower of the Month is members of the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. As you might have guessed based upon the name, cucumbers and zucchini are also welcome.

We’re postponing our juried Norse Mythology exhibit until 2012, likely January. More details will be forthcoming.

And lastly on a personal note, I miss you guys. I can’t wait to have us back up and running again and see all of the art that happened in the past week.

Thanks for your patience.  We know this past week has been a major inconvenience.


Guest Curate a Week of EBSQ’s Art of the Day

Think you have what it takes to be a good curator? Want a chance to find out? EBSQ would love to see our members’ art through your eyes by curating a week of Art of the Day. Here’s how!

Send us an email to with the following information:

Your name (this will appear with your curated week if you’re selected)
Your theme’s title
Your seven choices for your theme in the order you wish them to appear (don’t send pictures, use the search tool and copy & paste the url for each item)
All choices must be EBSQ artist members in good standing, and we prefer work that hasn’t been used in the past.

Also, all choices need to be “work/family friendly”

If your week is selected, our staff will get in touch for your curator’s statement, as well as let you know if alternate pieces need to be picked in the event that a member isn’t eligible.

So, put on your curator’s hat (or any hat you might have lying about) and give it your best shot!

Hey EBSQ, the clock is ticking!


Ad space is still available for this coming week’s Art of the Day. Grab your ad (and all the promotional glory that goes with it) before time runs out!

Speaking of ticking clocks, time’s running out to enter March Exhibits

If you haven’t yet, you still have a few days left to enter one (or more!) of our monthly exhibits for March 2011:

Art Exhibit Rhinoceros

Is there anything more preposterous than an artist-made rhinoceros? Show us yours!

Art Exhibit On the Go: Motion Photography

Show us your best motion captures. Both digital and traditional film photographs are welcome.  Juried by Eric Schmadel with a $150 prize for the winner

Art Exhibit Bonsai

This month’s focus is the Art of Bonsai. In art

Art Exhibit One Word Concept: Familiar

This month’s word: FAMILIAR

The deadline to enter March exhibits is 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on 31 March 2011.  Voting runs through April 7th. Winners will be announced on April 8th.

Here’s what you can look forward to in April 2011:


Cat & Mouse

Flower of the Month: Amaryllidaceae

One-Word Concept: Enigmatic

So–8 shows for your consideration, including our first juried show of the 2011 exhibition season.  Go create something awesome!