EBSQ Friday Five

Violet Bellied Hummingbird by Cyra R. Cancel

1. Today’s featured artist is Cyra R. Cancel and her wonderful piece, Violet Bellied Hummingbird in my Garden. Who doesn’t love catching a glimpse of a hummingbird in their garden?

2. Do you love participating in art swaps and challenges? Yes? Then you’ll want to take a look at Art Drop Day, where art and scavenger hunt come together.

3. Have you taken a look at the August EBSQ Art Exhibitions? This month we have Toolbox and Flower of the Month: Summer Veg.

4. Looking for some Art/Anatomy book recommendations? I found this list via a deviantART artist, Qing Han.

5. Summer is a time for conventions and big art shows. They are fun and often full of freebies and entertainment. But did you know you can also learn valuable skills? I’m leading a panel this summer at Dragon Con titled Basics of Digital Painting. My panel is one of many that will teach artists both traditional and digital skills. There’s even going to be a life model panel–bring your own sketchbook! Take a look at my blog post for more info – Conventions: Panels, Art, Books and Leather.


Is your art marketing a hot mess?

Mothering Chaos by EBSQ Artist Kelli Ann Dubay
Mothering Chaos by EBSQ Artist Kelli Ann Dubay

So. You’ve been reading up on how to market your art, gathering advice and tips from a smathering of friends, colleagues, and online experts.  You believe in your art. You’ve got the requisite accounts at EBSQ (obviously), Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  You have a blog. (You even occasionally update your blog.)  So, why isn’t it all coming together?

Sometimes it takes an outside eye to see what you’re missing. To that end, we’re looking for up to three artists to review, critique, and case study.  Totally on us.

Interested? Leave us a comment with your name, EBSQ Artist url, and let us know why you want our help. If you’re chosen, you’ll get to work with us for 90 days, totally for free, to see if we can help jump start your marketing efforts and find you some greater success.  We’ll be profiling our selected artists during the case study via the EBSQ blog. Even if you aren’t one of the lucky artists selected, we hope our case studies will be able to help you as well!

Ready? Let’s get started!

PS Not yet an EBSQ Artist member? Why not join today?

Past the halfway marker: where are you with 12 in ’12?

At the St Vincent Monastery Run Wetlands by Amie R. Gillingham
Since it’s my small son’s birthday today, I will indulge in sharing my entry from last month’s Wildflower exhibit. Thank you for awarding it an honorable mention in the Cloud Votes!

The 12 in ’12 Challenge, started back in January, has been a hot topic of conversation lately on the EBSQ Member Forums.  So I thought now might be a good time for an official (ish) pulse check. Where are you in your progress. Did you enter the shows you hoped you would back in January? Are you still going strong, or losing steam?

I also took the challenge. So far, I’ve entered entered 6 shows with 9-total entries. Some of it has been new work executed for the show, but I admit I pulled a couple from my archives, too.  I was hoping to enter more than just photography and actually get some painting and drawing done, but my Muse has been off holiday, apparently.  Maybe I can lure her home with this month’s Pointillism exhibit

Ready to jump into the fray or get back on track? Here’s what’s left in 2012:

Cats & Dogs
FOTM: Prairie Plants
Plein Air: Water

Wild Birds
FOTM: Berries & Fruit

FOTM: Carnivorous Plants
Think Pink (to Benefit Breast Cancer Research)

Tortoises & Hares
FOTM: Leaves & Fronds
Norse Mythology (juried)

Holiday Pets
FOTM: Botanical Wreaths
Zombie Apocalypse (ends 21 December 2012, with no voting since the world will have ended, obviously)
11th Annual Better Late Than Never Show

So–16 more exhibition opportunities. Are you in? Are you IN?

Let’s do this thing!

We have winners!

Congratulations to our First Art of 2012 Facebook Challenge Winner, Melinda Dalke! Her name was randomly pulled from our 30 entries. Here’s her first piece of the year, Headed Home:

Headed Home by EBSQ Artist Melinda Dalke
Headed Home by EBSQ Artist Melinda Dalke


Melinda joins our Twitter contest winner, Lori Mirabelli, who won a full year of EBSQ on Twitter the week before. Here’s Lori’s first new artof 2012:

Untitled artwork by EBSQ Artist Lori Mirabelli
Untitled artwork by EBSQ Artist Lori Mirabelli


Congratulations, ladies! And our hats are off to all of the participating artists. By the look of things, 2012 is going to be an absolutely gorgeous year!

Take the 12 in ’12 Challenge

Create Your Mark by EBSQ Artist Eileen Morey
Create Your Mark by EBSQ Artist Eileen Morey

One of the biggest benefits of EBSQ Membership (at least according to our members) is our monthly exhibits. They’re great for extra exposure, stretching your creative muscles, and on many occasions, winning stuff (which is always nice!)  This year, we have 37 opportunities to compete with your art. Because January is a month of resolutions, we’re challenging you to commit to participating in 12 exhibits in 2012.

To be part of our 12 in ’12,  we ask that you sign your name in the comments below and let us know which 12 shows you want to commit to in 2012. (I’ll be doing the same, because frankly, I need to get off my butt and make more art. )

Simon Sez… I hate Mondays! (Except Monday holidays…)

This week’s Simon is EBSQ artist Donna Gill Colestock. The theme she has chosen for her turn as Simon is “I hate Mondays! (Except Monday holidays…)”. This is what Donna said about her theme: “I want to see moods, holidays, and dreams. If you can relate it to Mondays or a Monday holiday, it works for me. Go ahead and wow me with up to 5 entries. All media welcome.” The original end date was January 25th, but Donna has extended the deadline.

Waiting for the Monday Holiday - Sherry Key

All Simon Sez challenges are open to everyone. To enter Simon Sez… I hate Mondays! (Except Monday holidays…) and to see  the all the entries,  simply go to the EBSQ Forum, find Member Groups, Challenges & General Art Discussions and then go to Challenge Central. All the challenges past and present – including Simon Sez, can be found there.

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