EBSQ’s 2015 Art Exhibition Calendar

Blank Canvas

Calling all EBSQ Artists! The official exhibition calendar is here. Get out your easels, cameras, clay–whatever your creative tools may be–and start planning the year ahead. EBSQ exhibits are open to paid artist members of the EBSQ Self-Representing Artist Community. Not yet a member? Join today!

As a member of EBSQ you decide who wins each month. The Member’s Choice winner receives a $100 cash prize! Let us know in the comments which exhibits you plan to enter this year.


The Winter Landscape  <– Entries being accepted now!


What a Doll  <– Create your own doll. You can paint your design, knit your design, sculpt your design, etc.


Chicken or Goat?  <– Which will you immortalize?


Photography: Raindrops on Roses (and Other Things)  <– April showers make for magical images.


Naturally Blue Flowers  <– No imitators!

Portrait of the Artist: Famous Authors, Artists, & Composers  <– I have a feeling this one will be popular.


15th Annual Ripped Off Collaborative Event  <– If you’ve never participated in this annual event, you’re missing out!


State/National Flowers  <– What is your State Flower?


Zodiac  <– Do you know all the signs of the zodiac?


Day of the Dead  <– The festivals, the make-up, remembering passed loved ones…


Inspired by Tolkien  <– We don’t want to see paintings of movie stars! This is exhibit is your take on the people, places and creatures of Tolkien’s world.


Annual Better Late Than Never Show  <– If you didn’t finish a piece in time to enter one of this year’s exhibits, this is your chance!