EBSQ Friday Five

Koolaus Haiku by Valerie Woelk
Koolaus Haiku by Valerie Woelk

1. I’m thinking green this morning with Valerie Woelk’s painting Koolaus Haiku, though I know much of the northern US was blanketed in white last night.

2. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has an hour long video of a discussion with Richard Ormond, grandnephew of John Singer Sargent, and Erica Hirshler, co-curator of “John Singer Sargent Watercolors.”

3. How Left-Wing Politics Changed The Way We Make Art – from Jacques-Louis David to the Guerrilla Girls.

4. Register for the new 2014 free online workshops from Strathmore today. The workshops begin in March with Back to Basics
with Earnest Ward.

5. Top 5 Ways to Refresh your Creativity and get Inspiration for Art Making from ArtPromotivate.