Get Inspired: Your Goals for 2014

Be a Work in Progress

The new year is right around the corner. Have you begun thinking about your plans and goals for 2014? Is there a project you want to tackle or maybe you want to explore a new medium or technique? Share it with us in the comments!


One thought on “Get Inspired: Your Goals for 2014

  1. For the most part I have done little else than abstract paintings in 2013, about 40 – 50 in all. Towards the end I have found myself relating once again to the landscape in my work albeit in a very abstract way. I have always been inspired by the landscape; however I prefer abstract art and painting scenes can lack the challenge of abstraction for me. So for 2014 my project is to revisit the landscape here in the West Country and try to let the abstract work from 2013 inform the work for 2014 and find the essence of place through abstraction. Me thinks I have set myself up, however it is a challenge that will I hope keep me busy throughout the year.

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