EBSQ Friday Five

Across the Street by Christine Striemer

1. Across the Street – This beautiful new painting by Christine E Striemer is available to purchase. Check her blog for details!

2. The Artist’s Magazine Finalist – Congratulations to Sandra Willard, a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine’s 30th Annual Art Competition!

3. 5 Ways to Get Inspired – Delilah Smith offers every day solutions to get inspired.

4. My New Art Studio – Yours truly moved over the summer. I shared my new studio space and goals on my blog.

5. Target Scholarships That Put an Art Degree Within Reach – US News & World Report has a great article on scholarships for artists and goes on to promote the various career opportunities for those with an art degree.


2 thoughts on “EBSQ Friday Five

  1. Good Friday Five this week. 1. Loved Christina’s (The pic takes to her blog, the link below goes nada…(-:) 2. Congrats Sandra on being a finalist! 3. I agree with Delilah about the coffee and I love her whimsy. 4. Amanda, love how your new studio is looking so far. I think if you currently saw mine you would think yours is not so messy. 5. Good information! Thanks for putting it all together.

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