EBSQ Friday Five

Wild Ride by Georgia Papadakis
Wild Ride by Georgia Papadakis

1. Illustration vs. Fine Art – Georgia Papadakis has a excellent post on these two art forms, their overlap and distinction, and what they mean to her journey as an artist.

2. Mandala of the Month July – This month’s mandala from Maureen Frank is titled Blessings in Disguise. It’s free to download!

3. Adventures in Teaching at AFICC – Michelle Lynch shares, in depth, her experience teaching a doll class at a large convention.

4. Sign up for the 2013 EBSQ Ripped Off Show – I’ve been participating in this show since 2008 and I look forward to it each year. You partner with another artist, choose something from their portfolio, and RIP it OFF. Then, if you choose, you and your partner trade artworks.

5. 5 Products that Need Licensed Artwork – Another goodie from EmptyEasel.com. Can you guess the 5 products before visiting the link?


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