EBSQ Artists and their Studio Pets

This month’s special feature is close to my heart. My studio cat Shadow passed away after a sudden illness and I’ve been a bit lost without her by my side. There was a time when I tried my best to keep her out of my studio, but this only resulted in her crying outside the door non-stop. I gave in and found that all she wanted was to be near me. Like the photo to the right, she would find a box or other spot to sit, and most often nap, while I painted. Before long I came to expect her presence and her gentle nagging when it was time for lunch.

Shadow in my Dorset Studio
Shadow in my Dorset Studio

Since her passing I’ve been looking for ways to replace my heartache with joy. One way to do that is to celebrate all the other artists with furry studio assistants. I give you EBSQ’s very own Pet Parade!

Sonya Paz and Sami
Sonya Paz and Sami

1. Sonya Paz and Sami painting on location for a community project.

Windi Rosson's Cat Fred
Windi Rosson’s Cat Fred

2. Windi Rosson‘s cat Fred takes his inspection duties very seriously.

Melanie Douthit's dog Jazzy
Melanie Douthit’s dog Jazzy

3. Melanie Douthit‘s dog Jazzy recently got himself into a bit of trouble in the studio.

Juli Cady Ryan's cat Francis
Juli Cady Ryan’s cat Francis

4. Juli Cady Ryan‘s cat Francis loves to sit and watch her paint.

Stephanie Daigle's eager studio crew.
Stephanie Daigle’s eager studio crew.

5. Stephanie Daigle (a.k.a. the Beaded Heron) had to relegate her studio crew to the other side of the room after tubes of her beads went missing. My heart goes out to Stephanie who lost Ziggy (on the left) in January of this year.

Vicky Knowles' cat Pancakes
Vicky Knowles’ cat Pancakes

6. Vicky Knowles‘ cat Pancakes likes to observe her Wibbley creations from a high vantage point.

Abril Andrade Griffith's cat Toast
Abril Andrade Griffith’s cat Toast

7. Abril Adrade Griffith doesn’t have just one studio assistant. She has a gang. Here to represent the gang is Toast!

That’s it for our Pet Parade. If you’re an EBSQ Artist and would like to participate in a future Pet Parade send you photos and details to amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.


8 thoughts on “EBSQ Artists and their Studio Pets

  1. Love this. My two large dogs lie on the floor in my very small studio. I need to step over them all day. I like their company. The dog hair in my paints….I could do without.

  2. This is so great Amanda, I do hope you do it again and we can see more members furry studio accomplices. Melanie Douthit’s dog Jazzy really cracked me up, and each and every one is special.

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