EBSQ Friday Five

Cherries and Silver by Sandra Willard
Cherries and Silver by Sandra Willard

1. Cherries and Silver – Miniature Work: The beautiful, intricate scratchboard above is only 2.5 x 3.5 inches!

2. The Art of the Image Transfer – Jennifer Lommers has a detailed tutorial, with multiple videos, on the art of image transfer on her blog.

3. Dolphins in front of the Studio – Would you rather clean the studio or watch dolphins? What a dilemma, right? Check out Delilah Smith’s blog for the video she shot outside her studio.

4. 8 Simple Rules for being a Professional Artist – I love this list by Stacey Zimmerman. Sometimes the most simple things are the most important.

5. Method and Madness in Science and Art – This is a fascinating article about the similarities between Science and Art and an exhibition in London of “coloured botanical electron microscope images.”