EBSQ1:1 – Who was the first artist to inspire you?

Mark Satchwill

Hans Holbein’s portraits of the Tudor Court, with their detailed costumes and wonderfully painted faces were my first artistic inspiration. I learnt to draw faces by copying his work as a child and I think you can still see his influence in my art now, all these years later!

A Tudor Lady by Mark Satchwill

Gabriella Cleuren

James Ensor, a Belgian painter. Because of the colors he used.

Ribat-in-Monastir by Gabriella Cleuren

Vicky Knowles

Max Ernst was the first artist to really inspire me to do more than just doodle in my sketchbook. The first time I saw his work I was speechless. I was blown away by this world he had created that was mysterious, terrifying, and humorous, yet somehow very familiar. I found the paintings in which he used decalcomania to be the most inspiring, these paintings looked like alien landscapes. His work and his use of decalcomania in particular inspired me to start painting.

Ben Cooper Sparky by Vicky Knowles

Melinda Dalke

The first artist I remember being inspired by was Claude Monet. I was intrigued by his use of color and loose brushstrokes.

Red Chair 2 by Melinda Dalke


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