EBSQ 1:1 – What inspires you?

Fall by HarlanJeanne Harlan-Marriott

The beauty of nature has always been my greatest source of inspiration, but I find inspiration in many different areas. Sometimes I will just browse photos on the web and other times I’ll go specifically looking for a particular subject matter. Often it is the colors that dazzle me and get my creative juices flowing. Another invaluable source of inspiration is my artist friends! Art inspires Art!

Mats Eriksson

Harvest Time by Mats ErikssonI sometimes get inspired when I take a walk in the city (Stockholm) or in a nearby forest. The majestic trees that partly covers the sunshine on the ground with all green color tones. Mossy roots and maybe some mushrooms. I Stockholm there are quite a few viewpoints where I get a panorama over the city – also very inspiring. I go to a gym a few days a week, and some of the people there have bodies that inspires me to paint nudes. A dream or a sudden inner ‘picture’ can inspire me to make the more abstract works.

Lisa Miller

I am inspired by the simple everyday things that most people don’t notice.

Keys by Lisa Miller

I see the ordinary as extraordinary.

Luiza Vizoli

Tulips by Luiza VizoliI have many things that inspire me. I look at the world around me and whatever grasps me at the moment, I paint. The type of colors, materials and designs also greatly influence me. I love bold colors and try to incorporate them in my art as much as possible. Coming into contact with new materials and new techniques makes me excited to incorporate them in my artwork. I draw a lot of inspiration from nature as well. It is beautifully crafted and I find splendor and inspiration anywhere I look, no matter the season.

For my more religious paintings, I use my faith as my muse.

Roy Alba

Wave Runners by Roy AlbaWhen I decided to dedicate my website to The Greatest Generation I thought I would mostly play 1940’s music from the time they were young. Also, the salute I gave to the pretty lady with the magical voice wasn’t yet born, nor were many of us. So I temporarily removed my painting of her. However, I still paint to her music and thought which musician could inspire more than Sarah Brightman and her orchestra? She has so many songs I could still pick them to go with the 1940’s scenes. This web site gives credit where its due. Why not tell the truth and at the same time give credit to the generation that so well deserves it?


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