EBSQ Friday Five


1. Winter Sun – Gretchen Del Rio’s Arctic Hair seemed like an appropriate way to start off November. Let’s hope the winter to come is as serene as her watercolors.

2. MOTM: Practice – November’s free Mandala of the Month, via Maureen Frank, is a reminder that practice is an important key to success in new endeavors.

3. Day 306 – Have you ever lost one of your mittens? Don’t fear! Took Gallagher shares her solution in her 365-Project.

4. Strange Little Girls November Events – Jo Hards shares when and where you can buy her Gothic dolls this month.

5. Pinterest Webinar Coming – Natasha Wescoat has an announcement in the EBSQ Forums about a new webinar. She’s seeking your questions. Check it out!

Have a great weekend!