Expanding Your Art Expertise: 4 Ways To Use Your Talents

In my latest blog, I’ve discussed the importance of expanding your art beyond the work itself. Not only for your own personal evolution as an artist, but in a financial aspect. Everything has it’s seasons and sometimes business slows down for work. I notice for myself, the typical seasonal slow downs are holidays, back to school and summer time. Everyone is off on vacation, away from home or busy dealing with the juggling of school plays or sports practice.

For some artists, taking a break is great. For the rest of us, we need to find other ways to make money. And while our goal is to create other automatic streams of income by art licensing, we should consider our potential in working on creative projects that aren’t entirely related to our fine art.

For example, doing projects in design, mural art, teaching an art class to kids or adults and even helping put on events for other artists is an example of things we could do outside our typical work.

KEY is to find ways to make money when the art isn’t selling or sales slow down.

5 Ways To Use Your Talents: 

1. Write out a list of things you know you are good at or could be. Have you considered writing? Working at a gallery? Doing graphic design for companies?

2. Check out local venues or contact the connections you have and find out how you can work with/for them.

3. Put it out on your site, your blogs, your business cards of your other expertise. Sometimes you forget that people don’t always know you are able to do other things. Make it known, whether you keep it together with your current art business or if you want to separate it into it’s own thing.

4. Build on your skills: Take new art classes or workshops. Get trained to do something else you’ve always wanted to understand, whether it’s to learn how to use Photoshop, learn how to work with glass or take a computer class. Always improve on your skills and develop so that not only does your business benefit, but you benefit in a sense of greater confidence and strength!

I’m going to be offering classes and workshops for artists in the future, to discuss these things further. We all can develop ourselves into strong and successful artists, no matter what we offer or where we live. That’s the beauty of technology today and of the internet. EBSQ’s community is an integral part of your personal development and professional self.

Don’t sell yourself short and don’t think that you can’t make money as an artist. You have talent for art and you can have talent to spread it across the world! USE your talents!!!!


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