EBSQ Friday Five

1. Spooktacular Halloween Showcase – It’s October! Each Friday in October I will be sharing something spooky as the main image. Today it’s Jo Hard’s Strange Little Girls. The doll above and other are going on sale this weekend.

2. ADAA Doll Convention – Registration is open for ADAA (All Dolls Are Art) doll convention  EBSQ’s own Michelle Lynch will be there teaching two classes. Check her blog for details!

3. MOTM: Reaching Out – Here’s what Maureen Frank has to say about this month’s mandala: ‘Rise and shine, folks! The time is now. Stop the excuses. Waiting for things to be perfect before we put ourselves out there…ain’t gonna cut it any more.’

4. Why sell Limited Edition Prints? – EmptyEasel.com has a great article on, you guessed it, Limited Edition Prints. Do you sell them? Are they necessary?

5. Halloween Showcase on the EBSQ Blog – I have a post up on the forum about a special showcase I’ll be hosting on October 31st. Take a look and chime in if you want to be included!!

Have a great weekend everyone!