Open Thread: Best Creative Apps?

Expel by EBSQ Artist Vicky Helms Kostka
Expel by EBSQ Artist Vicky Helms Kostka

A few years ago, EBSQ Artist, Art Blogger, and regular Mashable contributor Natasha Wescoat put together a list of apps that turn the iPhone into a tool for creativity.  You can read her original article on Mashable.

3 years is an eternity on the interwebs.  Technology and tastes have both evolved since then. And there are a veritable plethora of new creativity-boosting apps to choose from.

The one that would top my personal list is Instagram. Sure, the filters are nice (and unlike my previous favourite, Toy Camera, I can actually pre-view and choose my filter pre-processing). But the thing I like best (and this is probably silly) is that it makes me think in squares. Folks that are familiar with my artwork know that the bulk of my paintings from the past 10 years have been square. With Instagram, I can automatically compose in square format. The fact that I can also easily push my photos to Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook is another bonus.

What’s on your list?


4 thoughts on “Open Thread: Best Creative Apps?

  1. I’m currently in love with Paper by Fifty Three. In combination with a Bamboo stylus and my iPad2 it’s pretty much made pencils and paper obselete for me. I love how easy it is to switch between mediums, and how simple it is to rewind any marks you’ve made. Wonderful stuff…highly recc’ed!

  2. For my photography needs I use Camera+ instead of the default Camera, Snapseed for editing, and Instagram for sharing. I can’t say enough good things about Snapseed. It’s available now for Mac and Windows too!

    For sketching out ideas (and just playing around) I use Sketchbook Mobile. 🙂

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