Pinterest For Artists: 5 Creative Ways To Share Your Work

by Natasha Wescoat

The newest craze in social networking is the highly attractive and addictive Pinterest. Drawing artists, designers, jewelers and other creatives, it’s a fun place to compile your favorite things, pictures you love or sharing dream ideas. Immediately, when I was introduced to it, I couldn’t understand why you would want to use this site. It reminded me alot of the popular fashion bookmark networks and we already had Facebook to share our obsessions. Why use Pinterest? 

This is where it gets interesting…

1. It’s completely visual. Sharing and communicating with picture is it’s angle.

2. Demographic serves well for creatives and a buying crowd.

3. It’s newness means less spam, less noise.


Click  here for 5 Creative Ways To Share Your Work…


One thought on “Pinterest For Artists: 5 Creative Ways To Share Your Work

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