Some updates (of the good variety)

Hello Again by EBSQ Artist Thomas C Fedro
Hello Again by EBSQ Artist Thomas C Fedro

We were so busy getting the site back online and everything working properly after our equipment failure and downtime, we totally forgot to tell you (at least via blog post) that, hey guys, we’re back! It’s been a crazy, but good week. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is seeing the sheer quantity of awesome art that was created while we were down.

Some items of note:

Are you an EBSQ artist that has images missing (showing up as broken jpgs) in your portfolio? If so, please get in touch. We’re still trying to match up image files with their proper owners, and your member id would be of great assistance in getting your portfolio restored to its former glory.

In case you missed previous messages about this, due to the downtime, September’s online art exhibits deadlines were extended through the 15th. That date is coming upon us quickly, so if you still have something on your easel, it’s time to get out your hair dryer and your camera!

Art of the Day via email is back! We’re pleased to have moved our newsletters to MailChimp’s awesome care. Now it’s easier than ever to share, forward, or (God forbid) unsubscribe. Let us know what you think of the slightly tweaked look!