EBSQ Tips for Awesome Art Blogs

Have you run out of ideas for your next blog post? EBSQ Tips for Awesome Art Blogs will feature some of the more creative posts our artists are taking advantage of to spice up their blogs.

Feature an Artist on your BlogToday’s Tip: The Featured Artist

Featuring another artist on your blog is an excellent change of pace to the day in, day out posts about your own art. It’s also a great way to show your admiration for a fellow artist. But did you know it’s a way to drive more traffic to your blog too? When you feature an artist that artist naturally tells their fans, friends and family they’ve been featured. It’s a win for both the blogger and the artist.

What does it take?

A featured artist post doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as introducing the artist, telling your readers why you admire their work, and sharing some of their art. Or you could turn the post into an interview, like our own EBSQ Blogger of the Week features. Prepare a set of questions and approach one of your favorite artists today!

Rules of Thumb

  1. Always ask the artist’s permission before posting their artwork to your blog.
  2. Invite your featured artist to respond to questions and comments on their post.
  3. Have a plan for sharing your blog post across various social networks so you gain the most exposure possible!

A few EBSQ artists who have taken advantage of the “featured artist” post include Miriam Schulman (Blog), Sherry Key (Blog), and Melanie Pruitt (Blog).