Artist Guide: Practicing Detachment From Your Work

Emotional engagement with a painting. I tend to have this problem. It can create a foggy mind. A sense of no direction. I become listless and worrisome. All I can think about is that work.

Like veteran Abstract painter, Thomas Nozkowski, I find myself glued to a piece after I’ve finished it. I can’t let go of the idea, and I find myself going back to the piece over and over to fix parts here and there.

The idea becomes an obsession, and unless someone takes it from me, or I willingly let go of it, I’d probably be working on that piece for months. I always think there’s more to the idea or that I haven’t expressed it truly perfectly enough yet. I find myself still obsessing over particular paintings 5 years later, in the hands of a collector. I’m almost tempted to call them and ask if I can come over and work on it just a little more.

What’s a very powerful key of being an Artist can go nuclear. 

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