There’s still time to get Ripped Off

Ripped Off '11

Looking for an unusual collaboration opportunity that comes with instant inspiration? Boy, have we got your covered! This month we’re hosting our 11th annual Ripped Off show! (Yup, we’re into our second decade! We can’t quite believe it either!)

If you haven’t done a Ripped show in the past, here’s how it works: you pair up with someone, and go through their portfolio and “rip off” a piece of their artwork. It can be one piece or a combination, your interpretation of their work, ideas, medium, technique. We invite you to check out past years’ exhibits to get an idea of the sort of things you can do. You must pair up with someone from EBSQ. Rip-Offs of non-EBSQ art, like redoing the Mona Lisa or ripping off Picasso, are NOT allowable for this show.

We’ve extended the deadline twice now (it’s been a weird summer, folks!) but this time is truly it. All entries must be in by 30 September 2011.

So, go ahead and pair up! If you’re looking for a partner, sign up in the EBSQ Forums, or feel free to contact someone privately and see if they’d like to partner with you, then post it in the sign-up thread to let us know you’re paired. Have at it!

Huge props to our sponsor who is offering the following awesome prize to the winner:

Aletta de Wal, Artist Career Training
“Balance: How to Make a Better Living Making Art & Still Have a Life” coaching-package for artists from Aletta de Wal of Artist Career Training, valued at $245