Team EBSQ August Showcase Pt. 1: Still Life

Artists have been depicting inanimate objects (still life) for thousands of years. So its not surprising this month’s showcase is HUGE! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for part two.

Grandma's Pears by Carolyn Schiffhouer  Orchid with Bottles by Carolyn Schiffhouer  Still Life with Flowers by Carolyn Schiffhouer

ACEO Still Life by Theodora Demetriades  Bouquet in Blue by Theodora Demetriades  Hydrangeas by Theodora Demetriades

Lemon by Torrie Smiley  Glass of Red Wine II by Torrie Smiley  Little Green Pear by Torrie Smiley

Enchanted Forest by Melanie Pruitt  Enchanted White Orchid by Melanie Pruitt  Enchanted Butterfly by Melanie Pruitt

Makeup Brush by Pati Springmeyer  Vagabondastical by Pati Springmeyer  Fresh Flowers by Beth Fiedel

Featured above are: Carolyn Schiffhouer, Theodora Demetriades, Torrie Smiley, Melanie Pruitt, Pati Springmeyer, and Elizabeth Fiedel.

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3 thoughts on “Team EBSQ August Showcase Pt. 1: Still Life

  1. What a wonderful grouping of works…..Thank you so very much for including some of my ACEO pieces. This was truly a treat.

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