EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Michael Lewis Glover

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week is one of many extraordinary photographers here at EBSQart.com. If you’ve never experienced HDR Photography, you are in for a treat and if you are shopping for a special someone for Valentine’s, prints are available (hint, hint).

Michael Lewis Glover Photographer

Who and where are you?

My name is Michael Lewis Glover, and I am a photographer residing in central Florida on the Gulf Coast and my blog is Mlgphotography.

1922 Ford Model T by Michael Glover
How did you get started art blogging?

I started out using Twitter as a means of communication with other photographers but soon realized I needed something more. An actual blog page seemed like a better way of gaining more exposure (pun intended!). I started blogging in the summer of 2010 but didn’t really get going until the beginning of 2011.  That’s when I decided to blog at least once a week, every week and I am so glad I made that choice.  I enjoy reading fellow artist’s blogs and I hope they enjoy reading mine.

Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

Yes, I would say be persistent.  I know it sounds cliche but it works. The more you establish a web presence the more people you will find and more people in turn will find you.  Just keep at it.  Try to blog every day or every couple of days.  No less than once a week, and once you begin to get a following I believe it helps if you post more because now people are becoming curious to see what you’re doing.   It keeps up their interest.  You don’t have to write a lot, just enough to keep everyone updated on your work and what’s going on in your part of the art world.  Post pictures when you can.  It holds their interest when they can see your work or talk about an event you’re involved in and always if possible find time to respond to their comments or questions.  I know how much I appreciate it when I leave a comment on someone’s blog and I actually get a response.  It only takes a minute and much of the time one reply will cover many inquiries.

Lights Across Tampa Bay by Michael Glover
What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

You know I actually love country music but most of the time when I’m working the music tends to slow me down (too much listening on my part) so I either turn it real low or leave it off completely.  For me total quiet is preferable.  Although sometimes I do enjoy listening to a meditation C.D., very low, just in the background.  For me it depends on the day and my mood.  I tend to get into deep concentration when I’m working so I love total peace and quiet.

The Mighty Oak by Michael Glover
What can we expect to see next from your lens?

With me there is never any set thing.  I’m usually inspired by different settings and subjects. I enjoy trying to capture a special look, a special light, or a different angle of some of the same subjects I’ve worked with so often.   I like nature, architectural designs, classic cars, most any subject.  It’s really whatever strikes my fancy on any given day.  I’m looking so forward to a very exciting and LENS-adventurous 2011.


Thank you Michael for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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