Team EBSQ-Etsy: Must Have Monday (is baaaaaaack!)

Ah it’s good to be back! (hugs and kisses all around!)

I thought I might warm things up a little bit with some Steam – Steampunk that is! Keep nice and toasty everyone!

Tess by Michele Lynch
Steampunk Mermaid by Lynn Dobbins
Shattered Dreams And Broken Promises by Mandarin Moon
This is just a small taste of the artwork available for sale from EBSQ artists on Etsy. You can find more by searching Steampunk Team EBSQ on Etsy, plus there is a wealth of Steampunk art on EBSQ. You can also see more artwork from the featured artists on EBSQ by viewing their portfolios: Michele Lynch, Lynn Dobbins, and Christina A Kapono.
~ Kris Jean Team EBSQ-Etsy Mod

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