EBSQ Debuts Public Patron Accounts

On the wishlist of many EBSQ site patrons over the years was a way to be more involved with the site beyond forum and voting access. Patrons can now create public (or private) profiles at EBSQart.

By default, Patron Profiles are private.  This can be changed by editing your profile (http://www.EBSQart.com/Edit-Profile/). Select the ‘General’ tab to update your privacy setting under “Preferences.”   Note that as long as you are logged in, *you* can always view your profile, even when it is set to be private.

We welcome patrons to upload an avatar and include a bio. You can also include links to venues such as your blog, Twitter account, and personal website.  While Patron Accounts don’t show up in our directories, which are reserved for paid-artist members only, you’re welcome to share your url with the world.

After logging in to your account, you can build galleries of favorites by clicking the ‘Add to My Galleries’ buttons as you browse the EBSQ website. Whether or not these galleries are public or private is completely up to you. If you choose to keep your favourites private, they’ll only be visible to you when viewing your profile page. If you go public, your favourites can then be shared on Facebook and other venues by using the sharing tools that appear near the upper right corner of most site pages.

Sharing your favourite art and artists is a great way to “Support Living Artists!”

Keep an eye on this new feature; we’ll be adding even more functionality for Paton Accounts in the near future!


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