FAQ: Step-by-Step Guide from Upload to Portfolio

Following our relaunch 2 weeks ago, we’ve slowly been putting together some how-to guides for the new tools.  This is the first. We’ll be making it a bit more media-rich with screenshots and an accompanying video soon, but in the interim, it’s just the facts, ma’am.

We’ve received a lot of questions from understandably frustrated members saying they’ve upload art but can’t find it or simply don’t know what to do next. Here’s a look at the new process:

First and foremost, you can bulk upload new work under Add Art under “My Profile.” You’ll see a progress bar for each image, and will see a thumbnail of each item after it’s finished. You’ve now successfully uploaded your images.

Your next step is to move those images to where you want them: gallery (aka your main artcase), hosted, hidden, or to remain in new art. This is done by using the Image Role pulldown menu. Select “New Art” and click the search/filter button.

You’re now looking at all of your new uploads. From this point on, you’re now working with individual images instead of working in bulk. Click the “edit” button for whichever piece you’d like to start with.

On the Main Image tab:
Change your first item from “New Art” to “Gallery.
Also, give your piece a title here.

On your Details tab:
Here’s where you include size, date, media, and your artist statement

On your Detail Images page:
Here’s where you upload your detail images, if desired

On your Gallery Placement tab:
Here’s where you make your image “live” in your portfolio by placing it in a personal gallery. You can also add your work to up to 3 EBSQ Galleries.

Right now, there is NOT a delete button. (don’t worry, that’s coming soon!) In the interim, if there’s stuff you want to hide, just select “hidden” on your “Main Image” tab.


One thought on “FAQ: Step-by-Step Guide from Upload to Portfolio

  1. I found that when I had something I wanted to delete…I just edited it out. I accidently ended up loading my photos twice. So I went into the duplicate photo and posted a new picture and changed the stats for it etc, that way I still didn’t have a lot of “junk” in there, even though it was hidden. Just an idea for anyone else who made a few mistakes during the transition.

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