Friday bug progress report

Because yes, we’re finally seeing some progress!

Here’s what *should* be working now:

Search in the galleries and artist directories has been fixed for all IE customers.

Formatting problems on Art of the Day should be fixed for all IE customers.

Generating COAs for work that is already in your portfolio *should* be working for most customers.  Be aware there are now required fields that must be filled before generation is enabled.

Generating templates for work that is already in your portfolio *should* be working for most customers.

Show entry for work that is already in your portfolio is working for *some* customers. This is still in progress.

Here’s what we’re still working on:

Uploading new work

Editing new/existing work

Managing your personal galleries

Submitting work to EBSQ galleries

Some odd page rendering for IE customers

Adding back in tools like counters, stats, & creating logos



Thanks you all for your patience with our growing pains. We’ll check back in later today with more updates!



10 thoughts on “Friday bug progress report

  1. The new format is gorgeous…LOVE IT! The Galleries really show off the art beautifully. Can’t wait until everything is up and running. I am so proud to be a part of EBSQ!

    Haven’t uploaded any artwork for about a week so it was a real surprise. Will we still be able to put “Sold” and Paypal buttons on the images?


  2. I just tried to upload some images (sat 8pm pac.)
    1) I don’t see any way to title work or write anything . So I have a piece on the splash page that has a few characters under it that seem to have been generated at random.
    2)I can’t even find 2 of the three images I supposedly uploaded and the search result says”might be the result of a search” I’m using Firefox, the latest updated version.
    I think I’ll lie in the weeds until the digital dust settles, or go back to tweaking my color management .- Egad!! Dennis Kish

  3. Sunday 8am cst.
    Browser Firefox.
    Still can’t upload any new images. Error message comes up when upload completes.
    Also can not create COA’s.
    Artcase is a rambling of images and lines with some menu items.
    I MISS my EBSQ !!!
    I know it has been a lot of work, can’t wait for it to be up and running at full speed !!
    ~ Marcia

    1. Marcia,

      What error message are you getting? I haven’t had any issues uploading art with Firefox, so I don’t think your particular problem is browser specific. Just for curiosity’s sake, which version of Firefox are you running?

      Also, what’s happening when you try to create a COA?

      Hopefully we’ll be able to figure out what’s going on for you!

  4. FIREFOX 3.1.12

    Hi Aime !!
    When uploading, there is no indication that the photo is uploading.
    Then a broken image icon shows up with the error message to the right.
    I am so sorry about all these problems.
    I know it is difficult.
    ~ Marcia

  5. Hi I’m still not able to clear or delete my counters or create new counters. When do you think will be working? Thanks

  6. December 17th 2010 Hi again I was wondering when I will be able to delete, create and clear my counter I am still not able to do that. Thanks

    1. Lily,

      Manually-created counters and clearing/deleting won’t be available again until January. If you’re using EBSQ templates, your counters are being created automatically. If you simply want to count things on your EBSQ profile, might we recommend using our new Google Analytics tool? Drop us a line if you’d like assistance with that. info [at]

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